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Brick Technology Print on demand, DTG order management, drop-shipping and workflow with business automation processes built-in! We are experts at building unique websites from the ground up. Nothing experimental here, we've been providing world class services to our clients since 1995. Get your company to stand out from the crowd.

read more › A dedicated #TeamBrick of Analysts, Programmers, Coders, Designers, Application Developers, Content writers, e-commerce specialists, Graphic Design Studio plus highly skilled and successful Marketing specialists. The latest version BrickCMS4 AI integrates and synchronises with eBay, Amazon, Google Shopping, Sage Accounts, Quickbooks, ERP and Warehouse SAP systems voice commands and many more systems. We are accredited developers and integrators for all major payment gateways and banks worldwide.

read more › Colour/fabric selection at product page made with fabric/colour image thumbnails and ability to link few real product photos for each of colour/fabric (DSFU). Ability to group fabrics ( Show real dress photos on product photos at product lists (bridal fabrics) and allow customers to send their photos (with ability to issue an discount/promotion code for the customer). Search for products by colour (each custom product colour can be linked to one general colour).

read more › Allow website users to create and manage their own events or exhibitions, sell tickets and allow bookings. Define custom rules for exhibitors, require them to provide insurance and other legal documents (which can be stored on website and used for future) exhibitions. Allow event organisers to define a lot of options for each event (few days events, different races for different age groups, gender, club members, specify distance in km/miles, location on the map, places available limits per race/date, event booking closing date and time with countdown shown on the event page, etc.), to sell additional items (like t-shirts), to collect money received after finishing the event, to do refunds to some participants.

read more › Group events by type: Hospice events, Supporter's events, Challenge events, Fundraising Campaigns, etc. Create event pages with custom event application forms, options and prices for each event. Manage repeated events easily by providing common page about the event in general and also listing next dates of this even with custom details of each specific date of the event, like monthly event AAA with ability to specify dates of the event for each month and additional details for each date of the event (like custom location, etc).

read more › Jobs/vacations grouped by categories, each job listing can be present at one or more categories. Applicants can subscribe for new job alerts by email by selecting job types/categories they are interested in. CV database can be built by asking applicants to upload their CV and/or use the CVs provided at vacancy application forms. Setup email notification for website owner about new CVs added for specific job types/keywords/location/etc. Search for jobs 'near me' by using website visitor location, as also jobs database can be limited by country of website visitor.

read more › Brick technology Ltd., Ukrainian department is looking for a purposeful, serious, bright and ambitious, attentive and interested back-end developer. We develop our own web-based products and provide comprehensive services of web systems design, development, marketing and support for clients from UK, EU and USA, from self-employed persons, small businesses to government agencies to large enterprises. We do not provide any services for politics / adult / casino / religious persons and organisations.

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