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Web Leap Experts in both business management and digital solutions, Web Leap offers far more than just a range of website design services. We help you get the best possible value in all things online. As your business grows, so your needs change. Whether you want to build your web presence or create bespoke new apps and platforms, we'll keep you on track for succes.

Many different services contribute to a successful website design project. Video, photography, social media, graphic design and copywriting - we can help you with any or all of these. Web Leap Solutions is an online marketing and website development agency that blends outstanding technical capabilities with a clear understanding of how businesses really work.

Based in Preston, Lancashire, we offer a comprehensive range of services: website design and development, e-commerce, search engine optimisation, bespoke content management systems, social media, mobile apps, software testing and much more besides. More importantly, all these capabilities are shaped and guided by a wealth of expertise in business management and advice.

read more › When planning any new venture - whether it's a website or the launch of an entire business - it's vital to get the initial strategy right. Mistakes at this stage can set you off in the wrong direction and can cost you a lot of time, money and effort. Defining your business strategy is one of the most important and beneficial aspects of our work and, crucially, we don't charge a penny for it. As a company with a strong pedigree in business consultancy, we're adept at asking you questions that will help you decide what you really do and don't need, where to invest and where you can make big savings.

read more › E-commerce websites are now part of everyday life; whether you're ordering your groceries, comparing insurance or purchasing your next holiday, it's become second nature to do it online. As an accomplished e-commerce developer, Web Leap will help you make the most of an ever-growing digital marketplace with their expertise in e-commerce website design. Our e-commerce design team uses a blend of best practice methodologies and the latest design techniques to create professional sites with real impact.

read more › The purpose of using a CMS is to make website content updates quick and easy. Using a simple, secure web interface, you can add, edit and remove content as often as you wish - even while you're on the move. It's quick and easy and, best of all, you don't need website design skills to do it. There are a number of choices to be made when choosing a good CMS system. We will guide you through this process during our initial discussions to ensure you make the right choice for your business. The main reason that our customers opt for a content management system is that they want the ability to control their own website's content and appearance.

read more › Your website can easily become your biggest 'shop window' and lead generation tool. It's therefore essential that it does exactly what it should, which is why our bespoke website design service is invaluable. We specialise in creating bespoke website designs using a wide range of creative and technical skills. Whether you need a few pages to showcase your services or a complete e-commerce website featuring thousands of carefully categorised products, we'll make sure you get the results you want at a price you can afford.

read more › Giving your website a good start is vital if it's going to start earning its keep so we don't walk away the moment your site goes live. We'll work with you for website launch and promote your new website to all your key markets, and show you how you can monitor the results using tools that will give you a real insight into how your customers are responding. It's exciting when you see your new website launched online for the first time but it's important to be realistic; it will take time for the search engines to find it and for it to work its way up the rankings.

read more › The enormous popularity of social media has brought with it a great range of opportunities for companies to find new markets and establish real dialogue with their customers by planning an effective social media marketing plan. It's a way of building awareness, encouraging brand loyalty and gathering a valuable understanding of customer preferences. Our enthusiastic team of web-savvy marketers and strategists can help you manage your social media messages for maximum effect. Web Leap Solutions works with all the popular social media platforms, so whatever you need, we have it covered.

read more › Your customer database can be one of your most valuable assets, provided that you understand how to use it. Web Leap can show you how to encourage visitors to talk with you, how you can capture their details and how you can go on to forge mutually beneficial relationships with email marketing campaigns. One of the simplest forms of direct marketing is using basic email to send key messages to a group of recipients. Contact lists can be purchased, researched or built up using your own customer data, and the content can include vouchers, promotional codes, video and more.

read more › At Web Leap, we regularly deal with established businesses that have outgrown their initial web platforms and now need something extra in order to continue growing. For such companies, we offer a range of bespoke services but they all begin with the basics - an examination of the underlying commercial objectives. Web Leap provides a range of bespoke support which will help growing your business. There are no standard requirements when it comes to growing a business so although we have listed some of our core capabilities below, we recognise that the best way to proceed is to talk things through.

read more › A detailed examination of where you are, where you want to be and the best ways of getting there. Our free business consultancy session enables us to better understand your business and to think creatively about how we can deliver best value. If we're going to deliver a solution that really gives you what you need, then it's essential that we understand how you operate, who your customers are and what the competition is doing. In this phase of our work (which we carry out free of charge for all new customers) we'll apply our business analysis skills to propose a variety of cost effective options - including some you might not have considered.

read more › In this phase, we work with you to develop practical strategies for achieving your goals. We'll recommend effective online marketing strategy with tools, actions and communication channels that will deliver the results you need whilst also saving you time and money. This is the stage of the project in which we produce detailed technical recommendations and work with you to ensure that you remain in touch and in control. It is very much about agreeing a solution together and being entirely clear on the intended outcomes.

read more › With the development of latest technology and rapid usage of smart phone users, clearly show the demand and need for mobile application development. Web Leap solutions team provide high tech mobile application development service with ecommerce solution for android, iPhone, Blackberry and window mobile development helping you to make the most out of the rapidly growing "apps" market. Web Leap Solutions have the ability to plan, design and develop your app to suit your exact requirements. We have the capability to develop apps which give mobile phone and smart device owners more user friendly with instant and accessible information about your products and services on the go.

read more › Web Leap seeks to be a valuable partner to its clients when support and maintenance is need, and not just in the design and implementation stages. We're an experienced web host, a technical support agency and a sounding board for new ideas from our website support and maintenance experts. We're keenly aware that you need your systems to work reliably, 24 hours a day, and we understand the importance of fixing problems quickly. You'll therefore find us alert, responsive and committed at all times.

read more › Research shows that many customers of website providers expect bundle of related services. So, they don't need to look for multiple suppliers. This year the market can be characterized by a transformation to companies that offer value added services. These value added services will contribute to a distinctive value of a company. In addition to the main services listed elsewhere on our website, we offer a range of value added services that add depth and functionality to your web platforms and to your internet marketing campaigns.

read more › Graphic Design is all about promoting your brand in ways that grab the attention of customers and then inform, entertain, educate or persuade. At Web Leap we work closely with all our clients to understand what drives your business. Our graphic design services support you to reach your clients with strong, effective and consistent communications, by providing cost effective design solutions for all your marketing needs. Our Graphic Designing services can help you to portray your company's vision, values and direction in the most effective manner.

read more › We offer competitive rates for commercial photography including product, corporate, PR and advertising photography. High quality product images will help you sell your products more easily and add appeal to your websites, literature and other marketing materials. Our professional in-house photographer will take your brief and produce images with the style and impact you require. We use the latest software and technology to achieve a variety of effects and we can handle photographic projects from start to finish.

read more › Whether you're starting a new web project, developing a newsletter, running a direct marketing campaign or trying to invest your blogs with a little more energy, good copywriting lies at the heart of it all. At Web Leap, our content writers are adept at understanding your business and then producing text that conveys the right messages in the right style for your target market. We can write for consumers, businesses or for technical audiences and we understand why making a good first impression really counts.

read more › Few business owners now doubt the importance, the versatility or the market 'reach' of social media but not every company has the time, expertise or staff resources to make the most of it. That's where Web Leap Solutions can help. As experienced social marketers, we know how to use different platforms for best effect and we'll be happy to advise you about all aspects of a social media campaign. We can help you decide which channels are likely to be of most useful to you and your markets and, conversely, we can save you time and money by pointing out which of them might be irrelevant or ineffective.

read more › Business blogs have seen a huge surge in growth over recent years. For companies, they afford an opportunity to provide customers with news and information, to voice opinions and to engage directly with interested individuals. More than a mere 'soap box', they represent a valuable mechanism for forging new relationships and assessing market reactions. Blogs can keep customers informed about new developments and they can even be used to encourage feedback - a useful commodity if you're planning important changes in the business.

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