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We've been building websites and writing web applications for two decades, which makes us one great family! We work hard as a team to provide our clients with a service they can be happy with. I have commissioned a number of projects with Lime and in all instances he completed those projects on time and on budget. I will continue to use there services and would have no hesitation in recommending them to others.

Lime have designed, built and updated my four websites for a number of years now and I wouldn't take my business anywhere else. Most importantly for myself their after sales service is second to none.

read more › These guys have done my sites since I started them. They recently took on the mammoth job of moving all my sites from another server and worked tirelessly to get it done as they knew it was vital. I have just relaunched/rebranded one of my sites and they have, yet again, been great to work with. Even when I kept bombarding them with changes, they got it done and were very helpful and accommodating. Want a site? Look no further! Professional and friendly, in touch with modern platforms to help with maximising traffic through websites.

read more › Issue or Idea - Your particular issue or creative spark is assigned to one of our experts and given a deadline/target. Planning - Straight to the drawing board where we meticulously strategize the process of solving your issue. Coding - Our development team will create your first minimum viable product to fit your exact brief. Testing - This is perhaps the most important stage of the project lifestyle, to ensure everything is correct. Review -Detailed analysis of our test results alongside effective peer reviews allows us to build on the testing phase.

read more › We develop custom-built plugins, completely tailored around your specific end goals and user requirements. So you can customise, monitor and secure your sites even further. In a world of flat tyres we say why not try and re-invent the wheel? Let's develop your own theme and together we can build a template and a vehicle to suit your exact needs!

read more › WooCommerce plugin development tailored to meet the specific needs and objectives of your website. Simply tell us what it is you need the plugin to do and we'll do it! Our custom WooCommerce development guarantees results tailored around your business objectives and your website's requirements. Our team of WooCommerce development geeks will improve your site's performance and speed, making it easier to use and incorporate with other plugins. Booking functionality is important for sites that offer experiences rather than physical goods.

read more › White label development is quick, simple and very easy for us to brand. This represents a fantastic method of building a web presence with exciting features as fast as possible. Not everyone will have the time or financial resource to build and maintain their own web solution; this is where White Label Development becomes most advantageous. Not only can you save money on research and development, you can add your own identity and brand quickly so your business gets up and running just as fast. So if you have an end goal or business objective in mind, and need to get there fast, White Label Development could be your path to reaching it.

read more › WooCommerce websites can be customised to the finest details. In just a few clicks, you can change the theme, layout or colours of your site to match your brand to a T. Whether it's listing products or taking payments, WooCommerce has a vast array of features available to give your online store the functionality it needs. It couldn't be easier to see how your site is performing on WooCommerce. Want to keep your site as it is, but on a new platform? No problem. Our team can perform a like-for-like migration quickly and efficiently, taking all the hassle away on your end.

read more › We develop ecommerce solutions to create an online marketplace for your business. Woo Commerce features business friendly tools and can accommodate additional features unique to your business. Web Apps can achieve great cross platform compatibility. With responsive and user friendly designs adaptable to many screen sizes and improved performance with specific features tailored to your needs.

read more › Before beginning we will gain a thorough understanding of the data you wish to migrate, the form it is in, where it has come from and where it is heading to next. Our extraction and transformation processes will follow best practises to ensure all data is protected. The duplication process will also ensure no data is lost. Every part of the process will be analysed, scrutinised and tested vigorously to ensure the migration process is quick, seamless and that all data is accurate. The entire migration process will be audited and reported upon, offering a completely transparent service so you know exactly what has happened and where.

read more › We provide assistance changing your Nameserver details so you don't have to worry about this niggly little issue either. Just relax and let us take care of the work. Our website migrations are usually complete within 24-48 hours, but this will depend on the size and structure of your site. The bigger the site, the longer it will take to migrate, simple!

read more › As CakePHP experts we are often asked to take a look at an application to ensure it is working properly and that the user journey is optimised to provide the best site experience possible. Our professional and seamless CakePHP audits service will ensure your app is built to exact CakePHP standards and that the back-end functionality is working as clean as a whistle.

read more › Enhance and optimise your site's performance with our custom WooCommerce Plugins service. It could be something small, or a plugin that drastically changes how your site performs. It doesn't matter what the functionality is, we can achieve exactly what you need. The vast majority of our plugin development work is custom-built so we have had a lot of time to experiment and educate ourselves in the process. Our expert WooCommerce specialists will customise your store with any kind of feature or augmentation you require.

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