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S M L Solutions Leaders in Website Design, Online Marketing, Mobile App Development and Software Engineering. SML Solutions has experienced huge success and continuous growth due to a consultative approach. This enables us to fully understand our clients' needs and apply the best solution that delivers their objectives. We simplify the complex world of the internet for our clients and hold their hand all the way through the process of effective online marketing.

Found them online and took a risk for my website designing and setup. The service was excellent and better than expected, it was in all a quality service with unique designing at a good price. Got the website hashsonline from SML, excellent work, really happy with what they have done, will definitely recommend to any one.

read more › A website with 12 pages, which has live talking characters that grab attention, help customers to better understand. A Content Management System (CMS) organises documents, contacts and records related to the processes. This is an online shop that will open the doors to the world, allowing sales through the internet anywhere in the world 24 hours a day.

read more › At SML Solutions, we develop web systems that besides being personalised, stand out for having a modern and attractive front-end in combination with a powerful and agile back-end. Our management systems are programmed and designed to deliver high performance and to be fully scalable. We guarantee that the performance is optimal for each customer. Our clients have personalised attention by mail and telephone to address any concerns that arise, both during development and once the work is completed and delivered.

read more › Online Marketing uses the Internet to deliver marketing messages to attract customers. The nature of the medium allows consumers to research and to purchase products and services conveniently at any time of the day. Therefore, businesses have the advantage of generating sales 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. SML Solutions offer consistently successful digital marketing in Leeds at competitive prices, so why not contact us today. We guarantee you 1st page position of google through PPC advertising, where you (the advertiser) pays.

read more › SEO Packages In today's world, where the internet is playing a major role in helping businesses succeed, it is necessary to have an attractive and search engine-friendly website, through which you can promote your business to its targeted market. We provide companies with superb digital marketing from 350 that will make a significant impact on your website's presence online.

read more › Display advertising on the internet represents adverts that are promoted on website pages, enabling advertisers to reach out millions of people who use the internet. In the UK and around the world, Companies spent well over 700 million displaying adverts on the internet in the first 6 months of 2013. Display advertising is a vital online marketing nowadays. PwC suggests states that advertising spend for 2012 was worth 1303.8 million up 12.4% from the previous year. Our digital marketing in Leeds is both popular and well renowned.

read more › We accompany you in your first steps in social networks such as Blogger and Google, putting at your disposal a specialist who will be responsible for creating and managing all social media areas, such as your Facebook page (with Facebook Paid Ads) and your Twitter profile. This is a unique and massively successful way to communicate with your customers, announce services, products and promotions in a professional and effective way; thus, you can increase your reputation, brand image and your sales.

read more › As we become increasingly dependent on mobile devices in our everyday lives, a Mobile App will allow businesses to reach millions of customers on the go. We design bespoke iPhone, Blackberry and Android phone application packages that best suits a business' need and budget. People are buying smart phones, so they can have everything in the palm of their hand. Mobile applications enable businesses to proceed without any interruptions, no matter where they are located. 1. Efficient work flow and tracking - reporting can be easily done with the help of mobile app instead of making it manually or through emails.

read more › At SML Solutions, due to our long experience in the world of mobile applications, we know the importance of good design. If we start from the two points above, a good design of mobile applications is one that matches the image of the company. The choice of colour is important but much more is knowing how to place the different elements. We must study and analyse where and how we distribute each of the sections of our mobile application and thus make our users go wherever we want. It is essential that the image we give our company is in accordance with our goals and values.

read more › SML Solutions are an application development company for iPhone and development of Apps for Apple. The appearance of the iPhone changed everything, caused a change in consumer mode of consumption and therefore how companies should approach using this new medium. The iPhone and the Internet allow each user to access all the services and information they want. It instantly multiplies the chances to meet new companies or services and thus opens up a new world of opportunities for companies that make the step in the digitization of their business.

read more › SML Solutions guarantees a service of development of IPad applications (or Apps) of the highest quality. We are experts in the development of apps that allow subsequent marketing of these, achieving top positions in the different applications Marketplace: App Store and Google Play. We work with state-of-the-art technology, managing to develop the best native applications for devices equipped with an Apple or Google operating system. With the massive sale of Smartphones and Tablets we are betting much of our technology in enhancing web applications for adaptable mobile devices, as well as making the most of the technology of the touch screen.

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