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Omnisity Achieved through the intelligent integration of successful marketing and advertising campaigns, effective and memorable literature, revenue generating websites, and engaging video motion graphics. We understand that each and every client is unique, which means that no two problems should ever utilise the same solution - ensuring you that we'll never offer a solution that's simply 'off the shelf'.

We're passionate about delivering smart, creative marketing solutions that build measurable and sustainable results. When it comes to sales, the more people you can reach - the better! The offering (price/specification/guarantee etc) needs to be right, and then there has to be a desire to purchase, often helped by presenting the product in such a way that drives a potential customer to action.

AIDA (Attention, Interest, Desire, Action) has been around longer than most of us, it's a very simple model - but never the less one that should never be ignored. From recruitment, IT support, commercial cleaning to logistics, architects and pharmaceutical analysts.

read more › They were quick to understand our business logic and provided a very high quality bespoke software and design service. A very professional organisation! Omnisity listened and came back with logical, highly professional solutions that reflected our internal culture and needs. Always efficient and able to work effectively within short timescales they quickly became our trusted out of house marketing department. Having presented Omnisity with a clear brief they listened carefully and presented an impressive solution.

read more › We're extremely passionate and serious when it comes to helping our clients reach their goals, but at the same time we strongly believe that in business - it's the people that matter most. We truly believe that to get the most out of any relationship, it's good to know who you're dealing with. AKA - Joe | He really can see the code and manipulate it to his own ends, not very good at the martial arts though. AKA - Carolle | Where beauty and ruthless efficiency find a home, no number is too small or too large.

read more › Established in 1999 BCTG have grown to become a major player in the field of Training Consortia Management with UK wide contracts in excess of 12 million. Birmingham Science City is a region-wide partnership of public sector, businesses and the research base, which. Link 51 (Storage Products), with an annual turnover well in excess of 80 million, is the UK's largest. Fastener World had become a major player in the UK specialising in the manufacturing and distribution of a wide range. The Metal Centre is the UK's leading independent supplier of stainless steel and non ferrous metals to the UK.

read more › Where design, messaging and system functionality is discussed with the client to ensure the finished project delivers on all counts. Both on-line and off-line qualitative competitor (and customer) research is conducted to back-up any assumptions made during the initial briefing process. From information gleaned during the briefing stages, and additional data obtained from the research phase the initial design concept is created and refined. The refined website design is presented to the client.

read more › A simple fact - You Tube is now the world's second most used search tool, every month it streams enough video footage that if joined end to end it would take one person more that 3 million years to watch it all! Video is now the fastest growing medium when it comes to marketing tools. Not surprising when you consider recent research showed that 46% of visitors who saw a video on a business website were inspired to take action. It's also an inexpensive marketing tool thanks to our total in-house solution - not having to outsource any of the necessary processes means big savings all round.

read more › Utilising the latest high resolution digital camera technology our aim is to create strong and memorable images that are unique to our clients. With our in-house facilities and a national network of highly experienced photographers at our disposal there's very little we can't cover. Utilising Canon and Nikon systems, combined with an assortment of lenses for prime, fisheye, macro and telephoto image capture, coupled with ancillary equipment such as camera cranes, sky poles and drones. We've captured a huge variety of images over the years, helping our clients build extensive image libraries - shooting everything from hand tools and futuristic robotics to machined components, room sets and 'on location' work covering architecture and multi-million pound research vehicles.

read more › In fact it's very much alive and kicking. A survey conducted by JWT found that 67% of adults preferred the tactile feel of print material, rather than the emotional void of its digital equivalent. From a marketing perspective it makes sense to utilise multiple channels of communication to reach the target market. And with so many organisations hammering on the 'bulk email' door, and often getting completely ignored - printed materials, if intelligently designed and carefully executed can have a far better return on investment.

read more › It makes a statement every time it's seen - from a business card to a 40ft trailer on the M6. And as most organisations want to be a potential customer's first choice - careful brand development and management can help play a major role in achieving that goal. From initial concepts to full blown brand architecture. We've worked with a wide variety of clients, both large and small to bring clarity to their brand. Ensuring both message and positioning is aligned accurately with the organisations culture and values.

read more › We feel it helps to have more than just one perspective; it lets you see things differently. Which is exactly what we've had to do over the years thanks to our involvement with both B2B and B2C clients. For instance, there's often far greater complexity involved in the buying decision in the business world as a multitude of people are generally involved, whereas in the domestic world it generally comes down to just one person's choice of brand, driven either by experience, belief, or cost. Of course not all business buying decisions necessitate a diverse Decision Making Unit (DMU) as it hardly takes more than one person to buy some envelopes.

read more › When it comes to marketing acronyms, the online marketing department has definitely got it covered. The point is, by using best practices to help drive the right type of customer to your door (website) there's a good chance of increased business, right? Not necessarily, having a good online marketing strategy is important, but it's only half the story. These visitors are only likely to engage if they like what they see, if there's relevant content that's easily accessible. This is where the analysis stage of the SEM (Search Engine Marketing) helps out.

read more › First impressions really do count, especially when the average web user has an attention span of around ten seconds!* So good design and powerful accurate messaging are pretty important these days if you want people to engage after visiting your website. After all, they do say 'your website is your shop window onto the world'.

read more › Professionally scripted and shot video can be used to enlighten, demystify, and even sell. Endless solutions, unrivalled performance, fast pay-back - RoboPod offers a standardised platform for robot applications that represents a first in the industry. Over 30 years of design, development, manufacturing and procurement experience in the retail display sector sets a precedent that is unsurpassed by their competition. Automation technology, delivering market leading solution to the world's most successful manufacturers and aiming to give customers a competitive advantage.

read more › We offer the complete solution, from initial brief to final delivery (direct to your target audience if required). Innovative design combined with powerful typography, eye catching visuals, and expertly written engaging copy helps deliver effective brochures and direct mail pieces that inspire and drive action.

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