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Brand Creative Media Our marketing company prides ourselves on specialising in all types of creative marketing and visual communication. Working as part of your business or organisational department, month on month, we work closely with companies and their sales team to create a marketing plan that will develop businesses for future growth and accelerate revenues. Collaborating with your company, we keep in-touch with your clients on your behalf to promote your latest products and services, industry news and monthly offers.

Our marketing services cover all areas, both online digital and offline print, to consistently promote your company brand, corporate identity, company values and ethos, so that your business or organisation may convey and target the right information with a precise message. Online, we will assess and manage many aspects of your digital marketing, including website design and maintenance, banner design, search engine optimisation, blog writing, email marketing and social media.

If you are looking for regular marketing support to boost your business or organisation, by taking charge of building your brand and growing your customer network, then why not try our Monthly Marketing Programme?

read more › You recognise the need for Marketing but just don't have the time to commit to planning and communication activities. Brand Creative Media could be your very own in-house marketing team: we ensure your monthly marketing programme runs successfully, leaving you time to continue with the day-to-day commitments of running a business or organisation. What's more, we find that working in true partnership can offer even more opportunities for us to tune in, to your way of thinking. A marketing plan with clear results is important for every business or organisation, but is often neglected.

read more › Brand Creative Media look at the methods, ethos and capabilities of an organisation or company, analyse the industry and the market sectors which it positions itself around and then focus on a consistent and measured marketing process to help our clients define their Corporate Brand. The first step is to decide on a name, then design an eye-catching logo, followed by a memorable strap-line; this is then carried through into Corporate Identity and Stationery so that businesses or organisations are professionally distinguished from their competitors.

read more › When websites are undertaken, Brand Creative Media develop a creative and functional solution which is perfectly matched to your business or organisation's needs. We believe first impressions count! Whatever your business or organisation sector, websites are an essential marketing tool. Your website is the shop window to your business or organisation, and the first port of call for anyone who wants to find out more about the products and services you provide. That's why it's so important that you get your website right.

read more › Blogging provides an excellent publication tool as to what is happening in the company or organisation and their associated industry. By posting regular blog articles, the topical information and industry news is often used to communicate directly to customers, suppliers and potentially new clients. The rise of blogging has meant that in an overly competitive market, businesses and organisations are informally talking constantly to their clients and followers about current projects, useful information, industry news, future aspirations, achievements and the day to day running of their business or organisation.

read more › Using social media to engage with audiences is a crucial piece of any business marketing plan!. With social media now used by 75% of internet users, the 2000's is certainly recognised as the century for social media growth. The global trend has encompassed many of us. The ability to 'LIKE & SHARE' information, boost posts and promote offers and competitions through paid advertising packages, has enabled posts to quickly and effortlessly 'go viral' which subsequently has empowered businesses, organisations and individuals to build their contacts lists rapidly and launch their brands much further; beyond their own means and within such a short space of time.

read more › Writing about a business or organisation is not always an easy task for owners and managers to undertake. They know their sector 'inside and out' but putting it on paper can be a real endurance. Here at Brand Creative Media we love 'words', we enjoy the challenge of researching businesses and organisations, understanding what makes them tick and outlining their aims and objectives. We get a feel for their target audience and look at ways in which we can write passionately about their products and services portfolio.

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