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Greybox Creative Greybox are based in Leigh on Sea, Essex, and supply a full creative graphic design support service delivered across multiple mediums. We specialise in logo/brand design, website design, printed literature, packaging for film, TV and games, signage and property marketing. We aim to deliver 'above expectation' creative solutions for our clients graphic design and website requirements.

Greybox Creative offer an inclusive range of brand and logo services, which consist of Brand Strategy, Naming and Logo Design, as well as Identity Systems and Full Brand Programmes. Greybox Creative provide a full service of graphic designs, including Advertising, Brochures, Business Literature, DVD Packaging for Film and TV, Magazine and Newsletters, Signage and all other misc printed items.

Greybox Creative specialises in digital services, so if your business needs a new website, we will work carefully through each stage - from the Strategy, Architecture and Planning, to the Design and Development of the entire website.

read more › Greybox Creative Limited is a design and brand communications agency whose expertise lies within brand, digital and print design. From website strategy to corporate brochures, Greybox are passionate about delivering innovative and comprehensive graphic designs. Firstly, we're good listeners. So by asking the right questions we're able to really get under the skin of your business and its audience - which helps us to develop strategic insight. From this, we combine big thinking with an explicit attention to the smallest detail.

read more › Advertising has grown rapidly over the last few decades due to the rise of the internet, social media and digital TV. It has become innovative and sophisticated, the focus is no longer exclusively on promoting the function of a product, but on promoting the desired lifestyle associated with the brand, exposing consumers to the vast expanse of services and products available. Because of this exposure, a strong branding strategy is paramount and affects every business, regardless of its size. Branding conveys the commitment you make to your customer and initiates expectations of your company, from your services and products, to your competitors and employees.

read more › Although we thoroughly enjoy engaging with all digital aspects of design, Greybox Creative have a strong background in traditional print and value the importance of seeing, feeling and smelling print on paper. With 30 years of experience under our belt, we know everything there is to know about printing techniques, from traditional methods to contemporary digital processes. We offer bespoke services to ensure that your print design is tailored to your company's needs and with unrivalled attention-to-detail; we can produce salient designs that successfully communicate your brand.

read more › What is a logo? In its basic form, a logo is the identity of your business or product. It is used to differentiate your company and that of your competitors. Logos can come in many forms and often do not have a distinct visual link to the product or company. There are no set rules when it comes to logo design, which means they can range from text, to an icon, to simply a letter - depending on how acclaimed the brand may be. Once we have established the personality and brand values of your business, creating the logo is often a natural process.

read more › A brand is not just a logo. A brand is a set of assets that are created to accompany your logo to create a clear and consistent image of your brand. Often, these assets can include a vast array of items, such as graphic devices, stationery and brochures, that are presented in various fonts, sizes and colours. To ensure that your brand remains consistent and delivers the same strong message on each asset, a Corporate Identity System is necessary. What is a Corporate Identity System? A Corporate Identity System is created to document these assets that make up your brand.

read more › Greybox Creative offer a full brand programme to establish a strong brand strategy and elevate your company. Whether you are working from scratch to establish a new business, focusing on a new product launch, or simply require a logo refresh, we can offer a full service that works for you. A full brand project is an entirely bespoke service that meets all client requirements and budgets. It encompasses every aspect in the Brand Strategy & Naming Service which includes Company Research & Competitive Analysis, Naming, Brand Promise, Personality, Tone of Voice, and Tag Lining.

read more › Because branding conveys your business' commitment to their customers, services and products, Greybox Creative take a step-by-step approach to establish a strong brand strategy that is right for your business. Initially, we'll do some research by looking closely at your company's position in the industry. We need to understand your business, its strengths and its weaknesses, as well as feedback from your customers and a thorough competitive analysis. Developing a name for your company or product can be difficult and daunting when tackled single-handedly.

read more › Signage is an important part of a business space as it conveys vital information to a variety of audiences, distributing directions, identification, safety regulations or service facilities. We specialise in providing signage for complete buildings, which usually includes reception decor, site plans, directional signs and window mock-ups. However we are also able to produce smaller scale signage, including vinyl stickers, Perspex logos, window frosting and banners. As each sign is very different from the next, we are extremely versatile when it comes to the design and have a good understanding of interpreting corporate guidelines.

read more › Posters are a versatile mode of advertisement as they can be used to decorate a room, motivate staff, or promote a tour. Therefore, we are extremely versatile when it comes to designing the poster you require by offering our full support and expertise. We have created a wide range of different posters for our clients, which include blue-back tour posters for roadside advertising, as well as branded wall art to decorate office space. We have a good selection of high-quality suppliers that can print any size, from A3 wall art to huge roadside posters, and are happy to take full control by sourcing and managing the entire print.

read more › We understand that illustration is an essential part of graphic design and that a striking image has the ability to transform a piece of text and captivate an audience. We also understand that sourcing the right illustration can be a challenge, and that sometimes a stock image simply isn't viable. Therefore, we offer a variety of illustrative services using Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, including photo retouching, photo manipulation, and image visualisation. By offering our full support and expertise, we can provide a variety of graphics to ensure that your illustration is a success.

read more › We understand that packaging is important for any film or act as it creates the first impression that entices the consumer to make a purchase. By offering our full support and expertise in design, we can create the perfect DVD packaging for film and TV. With 12 years of CD and DVD packaging experience, we have produced a variety of acts, including Ross Noble, Stewart Lee, Rufus Hound and two series of the Alternative Comedy Experience for Comedy Central. Because we're passionate about producing the best packaging, we are more than happy to help with the extra elements, like the information booklets, promotional flyers and point of sale items that accompany the launch of the product.

read more › We understand that branded stationery is mandatory for any company, as the quality of the product creates a lasting impression every time it is viewed. By offering our full support and expertise to get your design just right, we ensure that your stationery conveys the high standards of the company you represent and the quality of work you produce. We use high-quality suppliers to print a range of corporate stationery, from business cards, letterheads and compliment slips, to application forms, NCR order pads and plastic membership cards.

read more › Whilst many companies are embracing digital channels for their marketing and promotional material, we have found that many clients still like the smell and feel of the traditionally printed brochure - a sensation that cannot be beaten. We believe that reuniting your target audience with the pleasurable experience of physically sitting down and flicking through the pages of a brochure is excellent way of communicating your message. As each brochure differs from one company to the next, we are extremely versatile when it comes to the design and have a good understanding of interpreting corporate guidelines.

read more › As advertising is one of the most effective ways to communicate with your target audience, we offer our full service and expertise when working with your advertisement to ensure it conveys the high standards of the company you represent and the quality of work you produce. Having previously worked within the renowned ad agencies JWT and McCann Erickson, Greybox Creative have had many years of advertising experience and can create a variety of publications, including full advertising campaigns, billboard campaigns, vehicle advertising, digital banner adverts, and newspaper and magazine adverts of any size, ranging from small quarter page ads to a double-page spread.

read more › It's the first thing that customers see when they visit a website and can often impact their decision on choosing your company over your competitors. Therefore, a flawless design is the only opportunity you have to grab a potential customer's attention and promote your business. We work hard to ensure that your website is user-friendly by making the navigation simple and intuitive. 2 Aesthetics - Having worked closely with website programmers for many years, we've developed a good understanding of design and understand that it is important your website looks great on all devices, from MacBook's to smart phones.

read more › Building a successful website can be a long and complicated process and if the initial planning stage is not executed correctly, many unforeseen problems and delays can materialize later on in the design and development processes. At Greybox Creative, we thrive on the challenge of getting your websites structure planned right down to the finest detail. Our three website development stages (Plan, Design and Build) are all equally important, and if followed precisely, will allow us to create the best possible website for your business.

read more › Smartphone and tablet browsing is rapidly becoming the favored way of surfing the web and as this behaviour rises, so does the importance of having a mobile-friendly website. The days when everyone viewed websites on large computer screens are over and as smartphones continue to increase in popularity, the 'one size fits all' strategy is quickly becoming extinct. With new devices such as watches, TVs and giant projectors arriving on the scene, the need to build a website that will work across a vast range of screen sizes is becoming ever more important.

read more › A HTML email campaign is an effective and personal way of reaching out to your customers directly. It is also a versatile mode of communication, as you have the ability to instantly inform your audience about any topic, from important news updates to new product adverts, or as a way to keep your brand fresh in their minds. Although there's an array of options available when choosing a HTML email platform, we highly recommend the Campaign Monitor application as it is an easy and flexible resource with a range of inspirational designs and options to help you create unique and innovative emails.

read more › A banner advert campaign can be an effective way to promote your brand across the internet and is an ever increasing advertising medium used by many companies. Greybox Creative offer a complete banner advert service that covers the initial creative concept through to decisions regarding the shape and size. We supply any dimension necessary from the traditional pillar box size, to skyscrapers and website wraps and are happy to develop banners from existing campaigns to provide you with a powerful and striking advertisement.

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