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Diligence Digital If you require graphics for web or print Diligence has you covered. Our designers have many years experience creating eye-catching designs to help promote all manner of businesses. So whether you need a logo, regular website imagery, promotional items or anything in between, we can help. Game centred marketing is our phrase of choice for describing the use of games as a focal point in a marketing campaign.

The game could be on a website, or an app, and will usually be heavily promoted on social media channels and email marketing.

read more › We'll take the time to discuss the project with you, to make sure we really get to the heart of what you want to achieve. We'll take this opportunity to gather all the information that we need to draft a brief that ticks all the boxes. As mentioned above, we want your branding to be something fresh that sets you apart from your competition, yet slots neatly into your industry. So we'll delve deep to build concrete foundations for the rest of the project. This will involve checking out the rest of the industry and perhaps asking you a few extra pertinent questions to make sure we're on the right tracks.

read more › Diligence Digital's Online Marketing skills that achieves results! It's no good funnelling thousands of hits to your website if they just bounce off again in seconds. At Diligence, we know how to drive paying customers to your site, but we're also specialists in keeping them there. Read below to find out how we do it.

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