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Mma Education Headteachers will have a clear idea about what should be in their prospectus, though often they need our help to bring all their objectives together. But we can't get to know a school just by talking with the head. So we spend time with staff, pupils, parents and governors. We listen to the people who will be sending out the prospectus, and the people who will be receiving it.

Because we are now bombarded by marketing from every direction, we've become very choosy about what we'll take any notice of. A boring looking prospectus won't get a second glance. A clunky website won't get much traffic. A photo of a school activity that's clearly been 'staged' will fool no one. The print production process is creative, but also fiendishly technical.

So we build relationships with reliable printers and suppliers who can handle all the changes, scheduling and deadlines we can throw at them. We oversee everything, working with the entire production team to make sure we give our clients exactly what they need.

read more › We design and produce high quality prospectuses and websites for schools, academies, sixth forms and colleges. With over 20 years experience in marketing for the education sector we have a wealth of knowledge and understanding. When we started working with schools in 1995, digital photography was in its infancy, no school had a website and most schools paid little attention to how they promoted themselves. Now, 20 years later, the digital revolution has transformed the landscape of communication.

read more › MMA Education will tell your story with fluency, passion, integrity and flair. We collaborate with many schools and colleges in both the state and private sector and have over 20 years experience of educational marketing. During this time we have gained a deep understanding, not only of the production process, but also the wider significance of the way schools, academies and colleges portray themselves within their communities and beyond. We will work in partnership with you to deliver the highest quality and most effective publications fit for purpose.

read more › The very best websites are clear, intuitive and easy to use, guiding the visitor to the information they need, quickly and easily. We design and build bespoke websites and do not use any 'one size fits all' products that have become so prevalent for many schools and colleges. Thanks to our dedicated web team who look after the technical 'back-end', our websites are straightforward to navigate and all content is easily editable by your site administrator.

read more › We understand the power of imagery in conveying messages and emotions. We will portray the character and essence of your learning community with crisp, clear and colourful photography. For every project, we build a portfolio of photos from scratch to ensure a consistent look and quality and our art director is there for every shot. Left to their own devices, students don't normally form photogenic groups that illustrate the essence of their school. So for our photos to tell the story, they have to be meticulously stage-managed but they also have to look spontaneous and realistic.

read more › If you are in the process of setting up a Free School, MMA Education can help. From a one-off flier or poster, to a full marketing and sustainability strategy, contact us to talk it through. Sometimes schools are too relaxed with the use of their logo, brand colours, tag-line, and even with their mission statement. While these errors may seem harmless, over time they might give people the wrong impression of your school. Your brand defines who you are and it should set your free school apart from your competition.

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