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Graphic Icing We work with you to produce a website that meets your requirements, needs and budget. We design and build websites for your potential customers, putting website usability first. We can help you with any of your graphic design requirements such as Logos, Business Cards and Flyers. We understand that these are not one-off pieces but form your branding and message.

Starting a new business is exciting and scary, and before you can shout about it there is so much to do. One of the big items on the To Do list is deciding on the look of your business. Libby has helped me, a computer illiterate woman, to design and manage my website. She did so with enormous patience and charm which made a daunting subject pleasurable.

I could not have managed without her. Knowing that she is both at the other end of the phone and/or computer, when I need her, gives me added confidence to sit in front of the screen and constantly update my website. I gave Libby the vaguest requirements and she produced an amazing website for me.

read more › One quality we strive for is to make our services as easy as possible to use, therefore we avoid jargon where we can, and approach every project with a stage by stage process to help you understand what we are working on at all times. We offer a free up to 45-minute consultation to talk through your considered project or improvement with no obligation. This can either be over the phone or a face-to-face meeting at a time and place of your choosing.

read more › At Graphic Icing, we believe in functional websites that achieve the goal you have set for them, and not just look pretty. We talk to many companies who have a website but they say "it's a ghost town, I get no work from it". Just because they are not getting any work from their site does not mean it's a ghost town. On many occasions, we have set up tracking on the site to discover there are over 200 people visiting the site every month. So what is going wrong? There are usually only a couple of things within the site design, layout or content that are stopping people.

read more › Graphic design is more than just making flyers and logos look good it's making sure everything for your business has consistency with the same tone of voice and message, otherwise, the strength of your marketing is weakened. This is why we call your business identity a brand it ties everything together and is more than just a logo. Here at Graphic icing, whether we are designing a logo, business card, or flyer we always consider what the business brand is and who it will be aimed at to make sure we produce designs that will talk to your audience and promote your business to its full potential.

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