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Cheshire Online As a full-service digital marketing agency, We provide services such as website design and website development for content managed systems, eCommerce platforms and bespoke solutions. We report back to you what is causing poor performance and provide solutions for you to contemplate your next steps. We work closely with our clients to improve their digital footprint, to ensure they are visible to potential customers.

With more business than ever using online channels like websites and social media to drive sales. Do you have the right website design & Google marketing agency behind you to drive you forward?

read more › The website development team then create a wireframe that we test for user journey and user experience. This will ensure that your website traffic have a positive experience to find the products or services that they are searching the web for. Once we are confident that the site architecture is right, we can then move forward to the design and development stage where the project really starts to come alive. Why not drop us a message with any questions you may have about our website design service.

read more › Slow performing pages will score negatively with Googles algorithm. Other things like plugins can also cause bloat and have the same affect so having a maintenance plan in place can keep your website optimised for speed. Through analytics you can track the experience your audience is experiencing to help make constant improvements to the website. Google tracks if your visitors are having a good experience and now uses this as a ranking factor for search. The technical name for this is a secure socket layer, but to me, you and the customer its the green padlock that shows your a safe and secure website to do business with.

read more › As a PPC Agency we advise using pay per click advertising as an effective marketing strategy designed to drive relevant traffic to your website based on the keywords or key-phrases that you are u. Monthly reports are provided highlighting the cost per click and gives you a clear ROI on your ad spend.

read more › This helps to build your brand, increase sales, by driving a new audience of website traffic. Pushing compelling content on your social media profiles, to engage and grow your followers. Billions of people use social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube, and Snapchat. Without a strategy, there is a good chance you could be posting on social media platforms just for the sake of posting. Businesses use social media for different reasons, increasing their brand awareness, others use it for driving website traffic and sales.

read more › Content marketing is the strategic approach focusing on the creation and distributing of relevant and compelling content to attract a defined audience. Traditional methods of marketing that interrupt the target audience are less effective than they once were. Reaching prospects with compelling content and converting those leads into customers is having far more success in today's market. This is one of the reasons that content marketing has become a leading method for businesses to reach and engage their target audience.

read more › Inbound marketing is a method used to attract, engage, and delight people to help grow a business that provides both value and trust. By creating content that is specifically designed to address the real problems and needs of your customers, you attract a better quality and qualified prospect and build trust and credibility for your business. Inbound strategies engage your audience, ensuring that you are communicating with leads and customers in a way that builds long-term relationships.

read more › From print to digital media having a consistent brand across the business is essential. We can supply the right package for your team to move forward across all marketing platforms. Your corporate image or corporate identity is the first part of the journey for your customers. Make that incredible first impression in a competitive market first time around. Whether your a start up or an already established business, we can help create a brand that your customers can connect with. Having a brand that is virsatile for growth is essential.

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