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Nigel Bent has a background in computer programming, and decided to -develop an easy to use website system which would enable ordinary, non-technical people to build and maintain their own websites. Nigel has previously worked for Ferranti Computer Systems, Westinghouse Systems and BT plc where he gained experience in systems analysis, programming and user interface design.

He has had formal training in sales, contract and project management, computer-programming (real-time and batch) and general commercial and business skills. Angela's background is in a commercial and sales environment, and understands what it takes to run a successful business. S-he also has experience in graphic design, document production and project management.

Roughly translated, Nigel is the techie geek who develops and implements the website software, Angela is sales and marketing so our customers get the best of both worlds, Angela speaks plain English and Nigel speaks Technical as and when required (and when she lets him!).

read more › An increasingly important part of running a website is making sure that it can be accessed by the maximum number of users. For us at WebGuild, this means making sure that the systems and sites will work on the maximum number of computers, but will also address the needs of those users in the disabled community who have problems to overcome such as failing eyesight or dyslexia. The design of the WebGuild systems and the themes implemented on our websites have taken these things into account. First, at the basic level of usability, the sites and systems are all tested on Windows, Linux and Apple systems to ensure that you really can access your site from any computer, anywhere in the world.

read more › To work with a team of professional, creative and friendly people who will not confuse you with computer jargon, and will provide you with a professional, easy to use, affordable website. To choose either a standard website design or one custom made - it's up to you and your budget. To feel confident that you can trust your website provider and that everyone will do their utmost to provide you with a website you can be proud of. If you work with a team that is trustworthy and ethical you are more likely to receive reliable support during the creation of your website and as importantly, afterwards.

read more › Since Carcanet and PN Review entrusted its web sites to WebGuild, we haven't been remotely tempted to turn elsewhere. WebGuild's solutions are simple, fun to use, and answer every eventuality. For the web newcomer they are a dream come true: bespoke feel for off-the-peg prices. For anyone whose site is hard to use, out of date, dowdy, obsolete, WebGuild can bring the moribund back to life, transferring old material into new sites and integrating them into vital educational, archival and marketing resources.

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