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Loop is a digital creative & photography consultancy based in Brighton servicing companies across London, the UK and Worldwide. We specialise in brand identity, all manner of modern digital communications and commercial photography. Over the last 15 years we've helped to launch 100's of new and medium size businesses and we strive to provide all of our clients a real and dedicated personal design service.

read more › I'm Stuart, the Founder here at Loop - the guy you'll work closely with on any projects you commission with Loop. I have a small team of creative & technical folk behind me who help me produce brilliant work for our clients and we strive to get super positive feedback from every single project we deliver. With over 15 years industry experience, Loop have designed logos & identities, websites and marketing assets for a wide range of different companies and we understand how to get the best out of a client & creative agency relationship to produce beautiful work.

read more › The last 12 months have been tough for everyone, both on a personal and professional level. The online business world has changed forever, with more companies now moving online to sell their services creating a greater demand for trusted digital designers and creative teams than ever before. The standard of how companies now are now presenting their businesses online has improved greatly and the importance of having a great, original brand design is more important than ever. Here at Loop we have a number of design and branding services to help your new business gain traction in the marketplace or for your existing brand to help improve how you present your existing business communications.

read more › Loop are a specialist logo design agency in London with over 15 years experience creating memorable brands and logo designs for UK and international businesses. We get asked a lot about how we design Logos for clients and what's involved so we thought it might help to try and answer some of the regular questions we are asked. To put it simply, without a strong logo design and brand identity your possible clients and customers may be just passing you by. It's so important to convey a strong company personality that people will remember, it needs to be distinctive and have character and of course be beautifully designed.

read more › Here are Loop we offer a number of different photographic design for our clients. In today's modern business world, the importance of photography in your marketing communications is more important than ever and we understand how important having unique imagery that is owned by your brand and no one else is key to creating some stand-out in the marketplace. With the rise of social networks and the increase in sharing of digital photography, it's raised the bar in the standard of photography that is now expected to be see and presented by brands.

read more › The design of your brand is so important as it directly affects how customers perceive your company, how the people who work for your company feel working for you and it's one of the primary tools for driving new business and increasing sales. Think about some of the most famous brands in the world. They're beautifully designed, memorable and they talk about their business in way that creates a following and return visits. It's about creating an impression, a last impression that will hopefully impress potential clients and attract new business.

read more › Poor email marketing is a waste of time and effort. With the hundreds of emails we all now receive on a daily basis, how do you ensure that your messaging finds it way to the top of pile? Beautifully designed, well formatted and brilliantly coded html that works across all devices is key. Our designers excel in ensuring your emails are a joy to read and will result in a click-through. We've produced loads of email design and templates for a wide variety of customers, mostly using the MailChimp platform because it's just so simple to use and I can't think of a better platform for managing all of your email distribution lists.

read more › In today's fragmented market, there are now more social channels then ever before. Facebook, instagram, SnapChat, Twitter, LinkedIn to name a few and with the ability to now a two way dialogue with your customers can be a real benefit to growing your business. At the beginning of projects that require social outreach, we work really closely with our clients to understand what, why and how we are planning to talk to our customers. We can design toolkits and content packages to help community managers update social channels with a consistent design and tone of voice.

read more › From high-street retail to event hoarding, we have knowledge and experience in producing eye catching print collateral that makes people take notice. Whether it's small or large format, what's important is the print is beautifully designed and get's your message across in a professional manner. Would you like know more about Point of Sale design?

read more › Here at Loop we've created small product launches, through to huge events at locations like the Ministry of Sound. We've taken the logo design and brand development work we've done for clients and enhanced them into physical event designs that have been iconic and memorable. Once of the most recent pieces was the work created and launched a for a nationwide event for kids called Rave-a-Roo which was aimed at 6-11year olds and featured well known celebrities from TV and the internet. Creating huge 7ft pink flamingos, merchandise, on screen animations and light projections was a huge challenge but we delivered on time and on budget!

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