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We developed a video security software solution called the System Design Toolkit for Sony. Our software development team integrated the back-end software with the front-end website designs. In association with Mirror Group and John Smiths, Peoples Darts gaming website was designed to encourage regional darts players to compete for a shot at Lakeside!

Alpine's talented team have developed several software solutions including an Advertising Booking System, an Events Management System, Content Management Systems, Trades & Bank Reconciliation software and mobile phone apps including Augmented Reality, to name a few.

read more › What are Desktop applications? We develop desktop applications which are computer programs that you install on your PC or Mac. This type of software application can be used offline when there is no internet connection. Desktop applications typically offer the ability to interact with your computer hardware components, for example, with an audio program there may be a need to interact with the sound card. What are Web-based applications? We also develop web-based software solutions. The advantage of a web-based solution is that it's easier to collaborate online with your team as opposed to having to use a dedicated computer where the software is installed.

read more › Crowd Funding website by Nicola Horlick, we integrated the back end software with the front end website designs. Bespoke trading utility for IG Index - the world-leading provider of contracts for difference (CFDs) and financial spread betting, and the UK's largest forex provider. Umbraco website with eCommerce shop, SagePal integration, Umbraco packages Contour and Courier for UK charity. Having designed and developed a site for horse charity, Alpine's talented design team overhauled the site with a new look and feel.

read more › Since launching in 2002, Alpine has built up a growing customer base for whom we are a provider of IT Support services in London. Our relationships with our customers are built on trust. Through experience and a very real interest in computers we advise of new software solutions to our customers problems. We are a small company, that is a fact we take pride in. Our core team can solve most SME IT Support issues (around 90%) over the phone with remote support login.

read more › We can administer and support your servers - Microsoft windows servers 2003 and 2008, Microsoft Exchange servers 2003, 2007, 2010 plus Small Business server support and Apple OS X servers -remote server support and onsite. We help you use built in Virtual Private Network (VPN) software to securely access your data from outside the office network. We also specialise in Juniper networking equipment for VPN solutions that securely allow staff access to their work desktop computers.

read more › Alpine can provide both in-house and remotehelpdesk technical support to your staff/users. From our office in central London, we are within easy reach ofLondonbusinesses and cities close to main line rail stations. Some businesses need on-site user I.T support, maybe you have scenerios when your users need instant hands on technical support - maybe you are a publication or you trade shares? Perhaps your I.T system and users can be supported remotely?

read more › Introducing the AGENCY booking system application for the smart publishing enterprise. The online hosted application provides Ad booking system and Client Relationship Management (CRM) which meets the needs of sales, accounts and production departments within the press and print industry. Hosted online the booking system is available wherever you have internet connection. Alpine have developed and deployed the ad booking/CRM system which meets the demands of the agile advertising sales department.

read more › Press the text box on your touch screen and you can be taken straight to a contacts page including direct links to phone and email, a website, or even a video of what goes on inside the building. AR is the way of accessing this further information immediately, all through the mobile phone. Your phone's GPS positioning means it knows exactly where you are - and the phone's internal compass means that it knows which way you are facing.

read more › The Combined Online Information System (COINS) is a database of UKGovernment expenditure provided by government departments. As experienced database developers, London based Alpine Interactive software development team can help you get information from the database. We are in the process of developing tools to extract information from the COINS database. In 2010 the government published the entire contents of the Treasury spending in the form of a database.

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