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Nocrus Alongside our standard development projects, we also offer fully bespoke solutions for website development and on-site IT projects. We pride ourselves on working efficiently with clients to establish their requirements and always aim to receive regular feedback to ensure that the end product fulfils their requirements.

We implement rigorous procedures and automated systems to ensure that all websites and on-site locations are backed up regularly to a secure off-site location, ensuring that even in the worst-case scenario of a breach, fire or other disasters, you always have a fallback.We regularly review our disaster recovery plans both internally and with customers to ensure we meet compliance requirements.

Utilising Amazon's high-speed global networks, we can provide reliable and scalable services tailored specifically for your needs. This has the added advantage of providing several layers of redundancy to ensure your services are always online, allowing us to guarantee a 99% uptime.

read more › Bespoke website design is ideal for those looking to increase the online presence of their business. We work closely with you to establish specific requirements that will help grow your business and utilise modern user experience methodologies to ensure your website succeeds. IT Consultancy includes bespoke services to solve unique challenges everyday businesses face. Whether it is improved cybersecurity, disaster recovery, implementing complex networks or utilising the cloud, Nocrus is here to help.

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