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We take pride in our work. We have made it our mission to ensure all our digital products not only comply with the latest global accessibility standards, but also go above and beyond in providing an equitable human experience. We work for the greater good. Accessibility for all is our focus. We also devote 20% of our time to community projects, because giving back is what community is about.

We're dynamic and creative. We're a small team made up of web professionals, sure. But we're also musicians, artists, designers, and writers. It helps to have a versatile team on your side - creative people are creative problem solvers.

read more › Pay-Per-Click marketing is something we take seriously at Huxley, and as such we have PPC specialists who have been working in Paid online advertising alongside marketing and web teams, for their entire careers. Search Engine Optimisation is only really optimal if the code is designed for accessibility. Our Digital Marketing team will increase organic traffic to compliment our solid technical foundations. Conversion Rate Optimisation ensures your website visitors have an effortless experience in arriving at their desired goal.

read more › We specialise in Accessibility because we believe the Internet should be fair and inclusive, and because accessible websites always perform better than ones that aren't. Let us tell you why it matters by giving us your email and subscribing to our video series here. Or read on! When you cross the road, you might use a Green Man crossing. The 'beep beep' helps blind people know when it's safe to cross, but everyone else finds that sound useful too. Because everyone has been considered in the design of the Green Man crossing, it's more effective for everyone too.

read more › We know how to design for the web and understand the constraints posed by different devices and screens, so we are able to create delightful experiences for your users. We also understand the technical variables of colour and contrast on a screen and how they affect communication with people with varying needs. Award winning brand-design by Huxley has ranged from improvement of existing logos and design schemes for use online, to to the creation of full brand identities. We will never proceed without a considered and collaborative discovery phase that ensure the DNA of your business comes through in its brand identity.

read more › Our new and enhanced Lab facilities use biometrics and cutting-edge software to ensure you gain the best possible insight into a user's experience. Biometric equipment enables an advanced level of insight. We can help provide both qualitative and quantitive research data to inform the quality of your project. The software we use makes it easy to make sense of the biometric data, and our UX experience ensures productive and uncomplicated testing sessions. Adding eye tracking and biosensors with objective data gives additional value that allows for new test types.

read more › Each event will have a loose theme to inspire conversations, and for people to contribute tips around. Write your tip down on one of our cards and hand it to us. All tips are printed in the local paper, published on our website and emailed to the Mailchimp group. We're adding every business we meet to a database which you can update with your business USP's.

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