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We are a small team of sales, marketing, design and technology experts based in Brighton and Hove. After many years commuting into London and travelling around the globe working with some of the worlds most successful businesses like AIG, British Airways AirMiles, Expedia, Sony, Toyota, Virgin and VW, we decided to set up our own agency and nifty websites was born.

We learned our trade and honed our skills in the corporate world and our focus now is to provide the kind of sales, marketing, technical experience, knowledge and quality of service essential in such a busy high pressure environment, to small and medium sized businesses, social enterprises and entrepreneurs that might not have the internal resources or experience needed to develop their organisation as much as they want.

We combine our technical and creative skills, enthusiasm and passion to not only build reliable and robust websites but also ones that work for your visitors making it quick and easy for them to find what they are looking for.

read more › The look and feel of your website is very important. First impressions last and when you land on a website that looks great, you are more likely to stay and look around. A key aspect of any website is the 'Call To Action. Adding your contact details in prominent positions, like your phone number and email address, will encourage visitors to get in touch. Using contact forms is a particularly good way of capturing visitor information. We will create a website that does what you want it to do with a WOW factor that your visitors will enjoy.

read more › If you want to sell products online you need an e-Commerce website that is professional, attractive, engaging and easy to manage and we have the skills, knowledge and experience to make it happen. An e-Commerce website is a virtual shop where you can present your products with detailed descriptions and eye catching imagery and customers can browse, select what they like and place an order directly through the website. This includes entering payment details using a globally recognised highly secure payment gateway like PayPal, Worldpay or SagePay.

read more › The term responsive refers to the websites ability to automatically change and re-size to fit the screen size it is being viewed on. Any self respecting techie will you that it is essential to have a responsive website as the growth in the use of smartphone and tablet technology has, in just a few short years, significantly changed the way we access the internet. Not only are more people than ever using smartphones and tablets to access the internet but search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo prioritise websites that are responsive in their results listings over websites that are not.

read more › An integrated website is the same as a brochure website in that it contains written information and plenty of images that accompany the written text bringing it to life, with the addition that it is connected to an external data source, software tool or computer system. For example websites that are connected to booking systems, payment systems, diaries, data feeds etc. Nowadays integrating different online tools is straight forward, seamless and very secure. If you've booked a holiday, bought a ticket or scheduled an appointment online, then it is likely that you have accessed an external software tool or data source from the website you are visiting without even knowing it.

read more › We design, build and manage websites for a whole range of people and organisations and we always follow the same process when engaging with a new client and working with them. The step by step guide below summarises what we do at each step in the process. You can visit our Services page to find put more detail about the different types of website we build, how we manage websites, what more we can get from them and information on prices. We start by talking to you to find out exactly what it is you are looking for or trying to achieve.

read more › Search Engine traffic are visitors that find your website in a search engine. Direct traffic are visitors that typed in your website address. Social traffic are visitors that clicked to your site via social media and Referral traffic are visitors that arrive on your site having clicked through from another website or an email. Statistics show that approx. 60% of website traffic landing on business websites come from search engines, approx. 20% is direct traffic, 10% is referral traffic and 5% is social traffic.

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