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Bfi We're a friendly, multi-disciplined team of digital professionals, with the skills and experience to bring your ideas to life - transforming your brand into a meaningful digital experience. Fantastic outcomes begin with solid foundations. We'll undertake a thorough research phase, incorporating analysis and user experience best practice, to underpin a robust project roadmap and a clear set of project goals.

Our creative team begin work on the user interface, released via a series of iterative visual mock-ups, which demonstrate key website processes and functionality. This stage is valuable to gain feedback from all stakeholders, as it visualises your project specification in a clear and understandable way. Once mock-ups are finalised and agreed, our technical team kick off the development process.

This period provides your organisation with a useful opportunity to gather and prepare assets in parallel, which in turn ensures a streamlined, agile workflow at all project stages for an efficient turnaround to production.

read more › At BFI, the user is at the forefront of everything we create - and it's our priority to deliver seamless, enjoyable and engaging experiences to your audience. An exemplary user experience must ensure that every interaction meets the needs of the customer with minimum effort, and to do this we need to develop a comprehensive understanding of exactly what your users want. We'll work closely with your organisation to conduct internal and external research and workshops - figuring out what your competitors are doing, what makes your business tick, your long-term goals, and, ultimately, how all these factors correlate with your users' needs.

read more › Simply put, we're experts in ecommerce. At BFI, we've been working with a wide range of high-performance ecommerce platforms for over 20 years, and have the skills and expertise to develop any retail platform, no matter how ambitious. Every business is unique. We recognise that an 'off the shelf' solution rarely does justice to complex digital requirements and potential returns. We recommend WooCommerce for all our ecommerce projects. Employing flexible and extensible open source software allows us to deliver a tailored, custom-fit result for every single project we undertake.

read more › Your business is only as strong as your brand. By cultivating an engaging, enduring and memorable brand identity, your business can stand out from the crowd. As well as forming meaningful relationships with customers. At BFI, we have over 20 years' experience in branding. We have assisted our clients with every aspect of brand strategy. From conceptualising start-up identities, to aligning and refreshing established brands in need of rejuvenation. By combining in-depth research and analysis with creativity and strategic thinking, we can help you build a brand that speaks to your customers.

read more › Collaboration and transparency allow us to work closely with our clients. Quickly isolating problems and developing solutions. Our creative skills and strategic thinking allow us to develop innovative solutions across a diverse range of traditional and non-traditional media channels. Our team will immerse themselves in your business culture, technology and the issues at hand. We work in direct partnership with our clients to evaluate their business needs. Using an evidence-based approach to devise recommendations.

read more › In essence, your brand is the personality of your business. And how your customers perceive that personality. In today's social bubble, it's important to maintain and grow the positive recognition of your organisation that you've built up over years. Logo and identity design are two important visual building blocks. They form the cornerstones of your brand perception. We can help with all elements of your company's branding. From initial concepts and ideation, creation of the finished product, and implementation across all areas of your business.

read more › Brand strategy outlines a set of long-term goals that can be accomplished via a process of continuous improvement and brand evolution, and the ways these goals will be realised. A brand is not simply a logo or a colour scheme, but rather the combined aspects of your organisation's personality and vision. A clearly defined and well executed brand strategy has an impact on every aspect of your business. It's connected directly to customer needs, perceptions and your commercial environment. At BFI, we can help with every aspect of conceptualising, aligning and actualising your brand strategy - making your vision a reality.

read more › Your brand identity doesn't just belong on the Internet. If you are serious about maintaining a strong, memorable brand for your business, you will also need to consider the offline avenues for marketing and promotion that are available to you. Many of your customers will still rely on printed promotional materials, signage and traditional advertising. So it's important to make sure that your printed material is consistent at all times. We have an experienced graphic design team who specialise in print.

read more › Content really is king - it was true in 1996 (when the phrase was coined by Bill Gates), and it's true now. The Internet is constantly evolving, but the efficacy of high-quality campaigns remains reliably constant - and in order to engage with your users and achieve genuine awareness and acquisition, content is key. We can help build, test and optimise all aspects of your multimedia marketing strategy. With ever more potential channels for communication, it's easy for your brand to become fragmented and your message diluted.

read more › In 2019, there are roughly 3.4 billion social media users around the globe. Whoever your demographic, the chances are good they're on social media somewhere, and with so many social media channels to choose from it's never been easier to reach your audience. We can help identify the channels your customers are using, and formulate creative strategies to engage, influence and inform. The pool of social networks is huge, and growing - from established platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and Instagram to emerging trends and new technology like Vero and Howdoo.

read more › We love working with data. At BFI, we've handled more complex third party systems than we can count, and are experienced in integrations with software like Microsoft Dynamics, Sage, SAP, Brightpearl. If your goal is to consolidate and streamline data, services and business processes, we can help save you human resource and costs - increasing efficiency, and in turn increasing turnover and profitability. How much could you save by turning one of your paper based or manual processes digital? If you're in retail, you may be thinking about ways to improve your omnichannel experience.

read more › As a full-service agency, we'll support you through every stage of your app development project, delivering cross-platform solutions that work. Everything is produced in-house by our talented team of specialist designers and developers. So we can guide your app from initial conceptualisation through interaction and interface design. All the way to development, testing and release. We're fully committed to the delivery of engaging, usable and robust mobile applications. Ones that work across operating systems and devices.

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