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Studiosoft Web Design The websites we create carry a constant theme throughout in order to promote brand awareness and to best promote the products and services they are presenting to potential clients. As the client, you are the boss and we will create your website the way you want it. The 'customer is always right' is a great motto to work to but if you ask us to do something we feel is wrong we will advise you against it because we work with clients to get the best result.

The final decision about how the website functions is yours and if you are satisfied then so are we.

read more › Adverts need to attract the attention of potential customers and convey your message instantly and it should be obvious just what it is you are promoting. We can create stunning posters to your design brief or create eye catching media for print or the internet. We can't call ourselves a design agency because we learnt our skills in the real world, not the artificial world of a classroom. Don't be fooled by theatrical presentations on white boards or buzz phrases such as 'On Trend', 'Contemporary Feel', 'Touch Base' or 'Reach Out', most of that is just flannel.

read more › The ability to create Android Apps is the latest addition to our tool box and required us learning yet another software package, Android Studio. Based on Java, Android Studio is not an easy tool to use and requires knowledge of how other software works in order to make sense of the very complex interface. A few of our clients were requesting Apps to support tasks within their businesses and we were happy to oblige although it is unlikely that we will be developing Apps for iphones. The apps we created for them are very specialised but we are developing a range of apps for gardeners, bakers and cooks which may be of interest to some of you.

read more › Unlike most other website designers, we are not reliant on a Content Management System having the capability to achieve what you desire. We have many years of experience using all of the following software titles so we can create the code to deliver any functionality you can think of. HTML is the backbone of the internet, it is the code which tells your computer what to display on your screen. Creating HTML pages using a content management system is all very well, but when the code stops working properly, and it will, a designer with no knowledge of HTML will be clueless about how to fix it.

read more › Most website designers rely on a basic skill set and a content management system to create websites for their clients but what happens if the client wants something more, something which their trusty management system is incapable of achieving? They may suggest an alternative which offers only a partial solution or they may even tell you that what you want to achieve, is impossible. We are profficient in a wide range of software so when a client asks for a solution to a unique problem, all we have to do is choose which of our many software skills we need to call on.

read more › The digital revolution hasn't really caught on in many food pubs and restaurants. Many are still using chalk boards to promote their food menu when they could be using their existing TV screens, several wifi linked monitors or even their customer's own mobile phones. We are in the process of developing a fully integrated system where customers can access a live menu via their mobile phone before they even get to the venue. Once at the venue, they can sign into your personalised app to send their order directly to pub's own ordering system and once checked by a staff member, sent to the kitchen.

read more › The secret to a good menu design is to keep it simple while offering your visitors easy access to all the relevant parts of your website. A slider menu can be populated via several methods and we can advise on the best solution to your needs. For anyone interested, the menu of this website is controlled via a very simple text file but this is not something the website owner will need to edit directly. If you don't understand how it works, don't feel bad, most other website designers will not understand it either.

read more › If people cannot quickly find what they are looking for on your website, they will probably just give up and go and shop elsewhere. The design of the menu depends on the range of products or services you offer. Audiotec2u sells home entertainment equipment & professional sound and lighting equipment. Visitors to this website fall into 2 main categories, people browsing to see what is available and people looking for specific products. The navigation is backed up with an intelligent search facility where the stock list can be searched for criteria including manufacturer's product numbers.

read more › Being able to offer services beyond basic website design is what allows StudioSoft to stand out from other design agencies. We provide a wide range of internet services from our base in Morecambe Lancashire and carry out work for companies and organisations throughout the UK. We operate independently of third party content management systems and are therefore able to create affordable, bespoke solutions, tailored to the specific requirements of our clients. We create high quality websites at affordable prices and the reputation we have built up over the past 25+ years is your guarantee of high quality service while we build your new website and during future projects as your business expands.

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