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Ikonn Design New Media Ikonn is a creative design agency who provides solutions for large corporations, SMEs and start up businesses on a national and international platform. Since 1999 we have been responsible for much success in many different industries by using our strategic ethos and proven templates for your success. We deliver a direct quality service with no hidden agenda or transparent pricing.

We build working relationships with trust and honesty and most importantly. Our approach is very simple. We want success for your business so we choose to work with you as a creative partner where we produce creative solutions to exceed your expectation while inspiring your target market and audience. Working with us couldn't be easier. We don't believe in account managers or account directors as your source of contact.

Instead, the people you meet are the exact same people who will work on your projects. This allows us to directly deal with the client with no communication issues and also leads to a much more efficient process.

read more › For many years we have worked on website design and development projects for a number of clients. The work has been of a wide range of requirements which we have met time and time again. We provide a full range of website design services to meet your every need. We deliver websites that not only look great but function great. This is thanks to our graphic design background coupled with solid coding knowledge. In recent times, we have found a vast number of businesses using our service after other companies have fallen short of required expectations.

read more › Online marketing is one of the fastest growing trends with a forever changing landscape. We keep our clients at the head of their industry by taking the complication out of the multiple solutions available. We help determine what the correct solution at any given time when marketing a product, service or business. We help forge closer relationships with email campaigns. We take care of strategy and design while providing all important statistics of the campaign performance. We integrate databases into websites which allow users an 'opt-in' facility so your campaign lists are always up to date and automatically taken care of.

read more › This discipline encompasses quite a few elements but above all, the role of design and artworking is to communicate your message visually to the customer. Brochure design, Corporate literature, Annual reports, Stationery, Advertising, Packaging and POS material all fall under this bracket. We make sure you get the design you need which both visually communicates the message and appeals to the target audience. We combine typography, photography, illustration and imagination to create literature which is second to none.

read more › Many people use the word 'Brand' to mean a host of different things. The most common misconception is that a brand is the logo. While the logo is an element of a brand, it is not 'The Brand'. A brand is a series of associations which an individual or group makes with a business/company, service, product, organisation or individual. Associations can be intentional or unintentional. Intentional association is what Ikonn provides its clients in the way of brand message, identity, target audience, mission and purpose.

read more › With the introduction and popularity of online marketing, traditional marketing strategies are not the same as they were maybe 10 years ago. There is still a very useful and needed place for traditional marketing as its own entity or to support online marketing strategies. We think of online marketing as an extra tool rather than a replacement. A good marketing strategy supports the sales of your product or service. The marketing strategy works hand in hand with a brand structure to establish the most thorough promotional result.

read more › Good photography is essential when it comes to supporting most design solutions. We provide our own photographic service specialising in specific images to aid design work. We provide creative digital imagery both in studio or location. If a bespoke photographic solution is not required we aid our clients in sourcing images from various stock image libraries.

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