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Net Commerce Solutions Our clients come locally from Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire and Buckinghamshire, London and the Midlands; nationally from across the UK and internationally also. They represent a wide range of sectors - including manufacturing, service, retail, construction, consultancy, professional bodies, charities and sports clubs. We provide a strong and personal service: our directors and key contact personnel work closely with you to develop the best approach for your business and to maximise your results.

read more › Our clients come locally from Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire and Buckinghamshire, London and the Midlands; nationally from across the UK and internationally also. They represent a wide range of sectors - including manufacturing, service, retail, construction, consultancy, professional bodies, charities and sports clubs. We provide a strong and personal service: our directors and key contact personnel work closely with you to develop the best approach for your business and to maximise your results.

read more › Professional web site promotion to deliver relevant traffic for your products or services. Many clients come to us with an existing site 'just' for our professional web promotion services. We hold literally hundreds of page 1 positions for ourselves and our clients in major engines. Our expertise and reliability means our Managed Search Engine Marketing service can give you real results whilst saving you time and money. Your Pay per Click advertising is individually managed by an experienced business manager to produce maximum results for your budget.

read more › It might be a completely new - or one that needs some work on its content, design or promotion. NCS combines its roles as UK web site developers and internet marketing specialists to offer you a free business consultation on your web site design and marketing plans. Your consultation is without commitment. We ask only that you let us quote for any business that may result - and tell your business friends about us too. Contact Us For Your Free Consultation Today on 01438 798638 (Welwyn Office) or 07788 198283 (Harpenden Office).

read more › We have worked with Malcolm for nearly a year now. He's been successfully running our Google Ads campaign and organized our Search Engine Optimization and we've seen marked improvements in our search engine ranking and an increase in the number of enquiries we receive. Local community group for the Nickey Line - a 7 mile railway track now a cycle and footpath. We are delighted to have an attractive and more informative site for local users of the Nickey Line. We can keep the site updated more easily and are less reliant on any one person to do all the work.

read more › Most people may come to your home page first but not necessarily - search engines or links from other sites may land them onto any page. Your design needs to be attractive throughout the whole site, not just the home page. To have good navigation and usability - again throughout the site so your visitors can find what they are looking for. To allow search engines access your site content - some designs shut out search engines and may be counter productive for business sites. To make your site stand out from the crowd so you can compete effectively for new business.

read more › Even sites with great content and superb web site design need promotion to attract visitors. NCS can advise you on integrating your web site into your marketing, obtaining good search engine rankings and using some of those new internet marketing tactics you may have heard of. NCS provides a free 6 month review of your site's performance. We can provide additional reports on your site traffic and search engine positioning to help you assess how the site is performing and to plan changes and/or further promotion.

read more › To assess what is good about the present site - and can be retained - and what needs to be changed. Professional copywriting to make your text 'sell' and help the project progress. Your text is a crucial factor in achieving better search engine placement as well as in persuading visitors to buy your service. Many web site development projects become hung up and even abandoned because of delays in producing the site text internally. You need to build search engine optimisation into the content and web page design for best results - it should not be regarded as an add-on extra.

read more › Many companies often spend a large amount of money and time on brand design and web site branding services. Small and medium businesses cannot afford that luxury but still need to present themselves distinctly and appropriately to their target market. Branding is important but what does this consist of and how should you do it?

read more › NCS provides quality ecommerce web shop design and development with our team of experienced ebusiness consultants and designers. Good web shop design needs planning and flexible implementation. Over the years, we have been called in many times to help a business recover from poor ecommerce web shop design that could have been avoided. Our ebusiness consultants can advise you on how to plan and design your web shop and highlight the business, design and operational issues from the outset. Our senior personnel have a finance industry background and we can discuss the options for your collecting payments online, including selection of a Payment Service Provider and even help you to set one up.

read more › A CMS allows you to change your page content which is stored on a database. Your website 'reads' the database when it loads a page so it will always uses the latest updates input. So this gives you the ability to update individual pages quickly and inexpensively without the need for specialist design or technical personnel.

read more › Search engine marketing (SEM) helps you present your website to search engines so they display your site high in search results for your target keyword phrases. Research keywords (significant search terms) used by your potential market to find your products and services. Recommend and agree changes to your website including copywriting and /or search engine optimisation of your web pages. Develop link building to increase your site link popularity - still a key driver of traffic from major engines like Google.

read more › We research the keyword phrases your target market are using to find your products or services. We assess the competition from similar sites for these terms to select the terms that will yield the best return for you. Your text needs to sell your message and describe your offering accurately to the search engines - We can help with professional copywriting and page optimisation. We ensure your site is easy for search engines to access and understand so they can send the right visitors to you. To ensure your site is properly introduced to the search engines and directories - we recommend manual search engine submission as search engines prefer this.

read more › Search engine optimization is one of the most cost-effective ways to increase targeted traffic and sales enquiries to a website. So you need an affordable search engine optimization service to set your website up to receive these extra customers. NCS provides professional, affordable search engine optimization and promotion services from our base in Hertfordshire. We work for firms across the UK and internationally. Our background includes substantial marketing and business expertise. We discuss your objectives and your site with you and recommend the most cost-effective and productive approach.

read more › Used in conjunction with a site monitoring package, tracking URLs are very effective at identifying your visitors from individual search engines, other sites and even individual adverts. NCS can provide profile reports on key target search phrases for individual search engines. These can identify for which keywords you are successfully achieving high ranking on search engine results and, even more importantly, where are the gaps or slippages in position that will reduce your targeted visitors. We also produce reports on your pay per click engine performance as part of our pay per click management service.

read more › First they look for the page which appears to deal best with the subject of the search - Search Engine Optimisation is primarily about producing pages highly focussed on the target search term(s). Essentially the page with the best combination of these two will be returned top of the search results. Link popularity, in its simplest form, is a measure of the number and quality of other sites that link to your site. They are a major factor in determining the status (link popularity or 'page rank') that Google and other major search engines give to your site.

read more › The aim of your link building strategy should be to increase your link popularity sufficiently to gain a good position in Google and the other main search engines for your chosen page keywords. The amount of work / investment required will depend on your marketplace and your starting point. Once you catch up with your competitors you should plan to at least maintain your competitive position or you will fall behind. We offer a range of link building services and work closely with you to ensure maximum impact and cost-effectiveness.

read more › Set up initial PPC management programmes with the chosen pay per click providers to meet your traffic and budget objectives. Undertake active management of your PPC programmes over time to maintain targeted site traffic whilst minimising your expenditure. Make individual payments on your behalf and provide a consolidated invoice to save you admin time and costs. We also offer our optional Advanced PPC Monitoring which provides added protection against Click Fraud and information on sales conversions.

read more › Web advertising is growing quickly and spend in the UK now exceeds that of radio advertising. Banner ads are effective for increasing your brand and product awareness to either a mass market or a highly targeted market sector. They can be very useful for stimulating enquiries for products that people do not necessarily search for directly. We offer you a full banner ads service tailored to your needs. We offer a free initial consultation to UK businesses on your internet marketing and web advertising plans to help you achieve maximum results for your spend.

read more › Contextual advertising is advertising on a website that is targeted to the individual visitor. The best known is Google. Some secondary engines have contextual advertising capabilities ready now or in development. An easy way to start contextual advertising is to sign up for Google and just put their search box on. You receive a share of income generated when your user searches for items of interest then clicks on Adword adverts on the pages he or she finds. Or you can have specific ads appearing based on your own page content.

read more › One4Two was set up in 2007 by owner Kathy Lawrence as a small romantic getaway for couples with just one luxury suite located in Bude in Cornwall. Kathy was introduced to NCS by existing NCS clients Clive & Wendy Hawkins of Country Cottage Plus. Kathy chose our all round service Starter Business Package. Keyword research to identify what terms her potential customers were using in search engines. Pleased with her business results, Kathy decided to add more love nests to her Bude property and asked NCS to further expand her website.

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