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Designer Dental Would you like to completely professionalise your dental literature, dental advertising and dental website design? Would you like to have fresh, innovative marketing ideas and material that attract more patients, but struggle to find the time to do this? Would you like to achieve this with a company that operates solely within the dental profession, has the dental marketing expertise, over 18 years experience and the drive to help you succeed?

If the answers to the above questions are yes, then Designer Dental is the company to work with. We can begin by designing an exiciting new logo for your practice or laboratory (if required). This can then be applied to marketing solutions such as eye catching posters, patient welcome packs, dental referral packs, waiting room slideshows and responsive dental websites.

Our friendly team have years of experience in the dental industry and are ready to help your dental practice or laboratory stand out and succeed. For dental practices, the choice of dental marketing material is an important part of running a successful practice.

read more › We specialise in developing and implementing highly effective dental marketing material and campaigns for businesses in the dentistry sector. Our work can involve anything from helping a dental practice successfully engage with its patients to promoting a dental laboratory's services to dentists. With over 16 years' experience in the dental marketing sector, you can rest assured we not only have a strong grasp of how to market your business, but also of the type of work you do day in, day out and how best to promote dental practices, dental laboratories and dental supply companies.

read more › For dental practices, the choice of dental marketing material is an important part of running a successful practice. Professional, well-designed dental marketing material will ensure that you create a good first impression of your dental practice to new patients, while existing patients receive clear and helpful information about the services and treatments that you provide. At Designer Dental, we understand that creating dental marketing material for your dental practice can be a time-consuming task - and one that too often gets relegated to the bottom of the things-to-do list.

read more › Regardless of whether you are attending an exhibition or working at your practice, you should not miss the chance to promote your dental practice, both among local businesses and the wider community. This is where dental practice a-boards and banner stands come in, as it can help present a bold and professional image that people will remember. A well placed a-board is an excellent way to promote your practice in high traffic or pedestrian areas. You can change the posters in your A-board seasonally to promote different treatments and offers.

read more › Dental practice advertising is an excellent way to introduce your practice to a wider audience. You will find that by including advertising in your dental practice marketing strategy, you will be able to reach a much greater number of people and move your business forward. Adverts need to be well designed with a catchy headline and clear call to action. When embarking on an advertising campaign a tracking phone number is advisable so that response rate can be accurately monitored. An advertorial is not the same as a dental practice advert.

read more › Video is taking content marketing by storm. By 2017, video will account for 69% of all consumer internet traffic, according to Cisco. Video-on-demand traffic alone will have almost trebled. With online video quickly becoming a key means for people to satisfy their information needs, dental practices that fail to include it in their internet marketing campaigns will fall behind. Video is the future of content marketing. When it comes to potential reach, video is peerless. YouTube receives more than one billion unique visitors every month - that's more than any other channel, apart from Facebook.

read more › Dental practice brochures offer patients a window into a world they may never have seen before - your practice. First impressions count and if your dental practice brochure is uninspiring - this creates the wrong impression of your practice. Your dental practice brochures should tell patients who you and your staff are and why you are the only choice for their dental needs. It is important to note however that beautifully-designed and well laid out dental practice brochures must be backed up with information which the patient is likely to find useful, including services, costs, appointment procedures, phone numbers etc.

read more › It's more cost effective to look after and capitalise on existing patients than it is to find new ones. Effective communication to your existing patients will keep you ahead of your competitors and help to increase revenue. We can utilise your patient database to send out letters, leaflets and newsletters on your behalf. Let us educate your patients about new services, special offers and other practice news. We can even send an incentive to your lapsed patients to encourage them to revisit the practice.

read more › The smile menu is designed to encourage patients to talk about their opinion of their smile and any areas they feel they would like to change or improve. As far as the dentist is concerned the smile menu is an aid to help and encourage a conversation with the patient about cosmetic options. These are a very valuable addition to the internal marketing of the practice. Recall postcards are an ideal way of prompting patients to book an overdue appointment. Recall postcards can also be used to target lapsed patients with an incentive or offer to visit the practice again for their continuing dental care.

read more › Dental posters are an excellent way to not only decorate your waiting area and treatment rooms but to inform your patients about a wide variety of topics. Using dental posters to raise awareness about oral health can be one option, while you can also use dental posters to educate your patients about the different treatments and services your practice offers. Posters printed on canvas can provide a more contemporary feel to your waiting area and complement the modern dcor you may have in your practice.

read more › Promotional items are an effective way of getting your practice noticed and delighting patients at the same time. Delight your patients by giving them a useful gift to take away with them. The gift will reinforce patient loyalty and encourage them to tell family and friends about their amazing experience at the dentist. People like receiving gifts more than we realise. Research from the European Association of Promotional Products has shown that 70% of people appreciate receiving a promotional product and use it on a daily basis.

read more › Branded dental practice stationery is one of the most effective dental marketing tools available to practitioners. Each piece of stationery in your practice, be it letterheads, compliment slips, envelopes or referral cards, can be used to strengthen your brand and present a professional image to existing and potential patients. At Designer Dental, we produce high-quality dental practice stationery and referral cards for our clients to use to promote their practice and communicate with their patients.

read more › Dental treatment leaflets are an effective way to tell patients about the treatment options available to them and help them make an informed decision. It is important that any dental treatment leaflets you produce are accessible. This means that they should be bright and informative, without being too clinical or lengthy. Many dental practices offer a wide range of treatments, such as implants, veneers, tooth whitening, crowns, bridges and smile makeovers. Dental treatment leaflets should help sell and build awareness of the cosmetic options available to patients, as well as the standard treatments that are available at dental practices.

read more › Would you like a professional waiting room slideshow but you don't have the time to organise it? We can write, design and create a bespoke slideshow for your practice using the latest animation software. You have a captive audience within your waiting room as the majority of your patients will spend some time there before being called through for their appointment. You may have already capitalised on this fact by providing paper marketing such as treatment leaflets in your waiting areas as well as visual decorative posters, but there is another way to further boost your dental opportunities.

read more › Over 18 years experience providing dental design, we are also active members of the Chartered Institute of Marketing. Our talented and experienced designers develop unique artwork based on your specific requirements. A number of our many happy customers have won awards for their dental marketing campaigns. Our commitment to customer service is key to our business and testimonials from many of our satisfied clients is proof of this. Sign up to our email newsletter and receive a FREE dentist v's beautician teeth whitening PDF to download to use as a poster or information leaflet within your practice.

read more › Dental referral packs are a dentist to dentist item. It is for this reason that the quality of your dental referral packs is so important. With your dental referral packs, you must demonstrate your professionalism, They must be informative, clear and easy to use. Dental referral packs must reassure the dentist that you are a credible, professional and efficient practice which can take care of their patient's needs. At Designer Dental, we have years of experience in creating dental referral packs which are well designed and branded to your practice.

read more › As one of the first things that a patient notices about your dental practice, branding is an extremely important area. Effective dental practice branding will make your practice stand out from the crowd and it will inspire confidence in your services. At Designer Dental, we specialise in dental practice branding and we offer a variety of solutions to create a strong identity for your practice. For new practices, dental practice branding can help launch your business and gives your new and potential patients the confidence to trust you with their dental care.

read more › A professional, well-designed patient dental welcome pack, will not only delight your patients and reinforce their decision to come to your practice but it will also educate new and existing patients about the full range of services available to them thus increasing awareness and take up of your cosmetic treatments. Once your welcome pack has been produced, all existing patients should be given a pack as part of an internal marketing exercise. Your existing patients may not be aware of all the services you offer and these packs will help educate them about the treatments available at your practice.

read more › Dental marketing for dental laboratories is an important consideration for any laboratory that wants to demonstrate its professional capabilities and services. Without effective and attractive dental marketing, dental laboratories may struggle to make themselves known to dentists in a competitive market. Designer Dental is a marketing company specialising in dental marketing for dental laboratories and dental practices across the UK. With over 15 years of experience, we have a strong understanding of what works best in the dental market and with a number of delighted clients, we are confident that our solutions will be of benefit to your laboratory.

read more › Dental laboratory brochures are the single most important piece of literature that you will ever produce. The brochure serves as a doorway into the world of your dental laboratory, giving dentists an idea of what you are about and what makes you more special than the rest, making it a vital component of the dental laboratory marketing mix. If your dental laboratory brochure does not distinguish you from the rest, the chances are your brochure will be left on a pile with all the others which failed to stimulate interest from dentists.

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