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Tyldesley Webdesign If your answers YES, I do need a website? It is as important as your phone number, it is part of your company name, because it is the foundation stone upon which you build your business on. The internet gives you the best return on your money. It puts you in front of more people who are looking to buy, More than other advertising methods. The growing amount of business now on the internet has increased the need to compete and have a website or web presence for customers to find and connect with you.

read more › Together we work out what On-line Strategy will deliver these goals for you, and which keywords are being used the most and which effectively promote your business. We set up the campaign and then monitor and adjust this during the two months of the Capture campaign. After the two month period we can see where you are listing within Google's search engines and where you are Placed in the searches (ranking). We report back during the two month period to track your progress.

read more › Web Market Dominance is an ongoing month by month campaign, designed to build upon the success of Web Market Capture and increase your placing within Google, for both Web and Mobile searches. We have a wide range of Web Marketing activities to increase your website Ranking, we also use Mobile Marketing to add to the overall performance of your ranking within Google's Search Engines.

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