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We can bring your brand or business to life with thought, experience and design that will amaze! Followed by efficient, ethical activation across print and digital environments. From logos and branding, through marketing campaigns to website design and development. We produce work across the UK for the ambitious and aspirational. Good old fashioned graphic design; our roots, our bread and butter and what we were put on the planet to do.

We'll get you noticed and get a message out there to the people you want to reach. Everything we produce becomes digital. On top of that, we've designed, hosted and maintained dozens of websites, built a ton of html eflyers, made animations and made things social and clickable. The idea is the thing. We've made, produced, illustrated, photographed and generally made up an awful lot of branding, concepts, imagery and ideas for lots and lots of people.

It's been a lot (!) but it's all really brilliant. The website looks fantastic, everyone is so pleased and the bursary element is, and will be, a hugely helpful tool.

read more › N9 is a creative agency that's been adding sparkle to brands and businesses since 2004. We specialise in bringing big ideas to life and delivering them across print and digital environments. We have a jargon-free, no-nonsense approach. You won't find a house-style or a templated solution, just powerful creative thinking that has a commercial impact, activated with experience, energy and commitment. N9 aim's to bring the sparkle gained from this most competitive and creative sector, to ambitious brands and businesses that want to grow.

read more › From our Cornwall studio, we work locally with clients in Plymouth, Devon and Cornwall. As well as continuing to service and grow our network of partners in London and across the UK. We love to work with ambitious brands and marketing professionals. If that's you, just get in touch and let's see what we can create together.

read more › Just Do it Nice - this has become a short-hand for doing things the N9 way - this is our mantra, the phrase that pays, the thing that drives us to do brilliant work that helps a business grow. Here's an introduction to a piece written by our Creative Director Nick Warren explaining why this project came about. I do pick up a pencil, brush or camera whenever possible, but Apple's F-sharp major startup chime starts the vast majority of my working days. Then, completing work that's cased behind the super slim, shiny glass on design pieces that (at N9 Design) we send all over the UK.

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