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Br1 Web Design I'm guessing you're here because you are interested in getting a modern, good looking and responsive website that pays for itself. That's good because I create websites that not only look great but work for a living by attracting new customers and sales. Getting a website is one of the most important step a business can take when starting out, expanding or just keeping a flow of new customers.

Having a website helps in so important in today's markets. It doesn't matter if your customers are business (B2B) or consumers (B2C) a website helps build awareness, trust and is a 24/7 method of communicating. But once you have a website, what more can you or should you do? You have probably been getting customers by referrals as that is how most businesses start, but did you know you could double your number of referrals and convert more into paying customers with basic marketing techniques.

With my one-to-one coaching I create a teaching plan based on your experience and knowledge and take you through multiple methods to help you get more customers.

read more › Getting to know you and your products and services to identify and understand your customers. The first step in a successful website. In order for your website to generate leads, and ultimately customers, it needs to be found by them in Google searches and communicate with them effectively. This means the words, design and content of the website should be designed with this in mind. Before I start on the design or content of your website I spend some time talking with you to understand the products and services you offer, how you currently communicate with your existing customers and what your ideal customer looks like.

read more › Having a good looking website is generally number one on the list of most business owners website checklist. Unfortunately, designers forget the real reason for a website; to attract leads, customers or sales. It is the content, text, that Google uses to understand your website so that it can show it on search results. I design a theme comprising of the colours, fonts and basic feel of the website. Then write the text and lastly combine it all together so both the look and content compliment each other.

read more › Google provide a number of tools to help get your website displayed at the right time to the right audience. I take care of all the technical details on your behalf and make sure that your website will appear in relevant searches buy using all the tools and test Google provide such as. By adding details such as location, opening times, the products or services you offer to Googles listing saves Google getting that information from your website, which can be hit or miss, and means Google will display your details to relevant searches.

read more › Whenever a person searches on Google for something and includes a location (such as a town or even just the words "near me") Google will display their local 3-pack map. In the screenshot above, I searched for "Hairdresser in Bromley" and Google returned a selection of local Hairdressers. In the map, the listed businesses have pins showing their location. The other local hairdressers are shown as red dots. They missed out on being in the listing this time. Google decides which businesses to show in the 3-pack in the split second it takes to return the search and bases that decision on a number of deciding factors.

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