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Boxharry We're absolutely delighted to announce the launch of the brand new LeasePlan website! Sporting a gorgeous new responsive layout, and packed with features that make the most of the new, sophisticated vehicle management system, the website was put together with the invaluable assistance of the fantastic team at LeasePlan. Like a Swiss Army knife, a CRM plugged in to your website can be used for a whole range of online business activities - all of them geared to saving you time and money.

From light-weight business intelligence platforms to core workflow backbones, web applications have come of age and are available to businesses large and small. There's a complete suite of services that will make your website build project a frictionless task, so why not make use of them and sleep a little better at night. Providing relief and freedom from stress, support is here - whether you have a dusty old website that was built on an early version or an overstretched in-house team that needs a little help.

read more › Creating a great website is all about understand who is going to use it and what they will use it for. If you know that, the rest of the work is just filling in the blanks. From two decades of building and launching websites we have gathered an impressive array of practices, skills and management tools to help us create websites that give a real return on investment. Over the years we've met plenty of companies who don't much like their own websites, whether it is not generating enough leads, it is too full of convoluted user journeys, or it just looks terrible.

read more › Boxharry is a digital agency, helping our clients build and support applications and websites. With 20 years of experience, we've got all the skills and knowledge you'll need to get your project built. Our in-house team of developers and producers work closely with yours at every stage, from strategy and design, all the way through to testing and on-going support. Have you noticed that too much company time is being spent re-typing lead data into your CRM, or manually uploading CVs to your ATS?

read more › A good website can be more than just a shop window for your organisation. By plugging it into your CRM you can let visitors create and update information directly into the heart of your business workflows. Whether you want leads sent straight to your business team, CVs pushed directly through to recruiters or bookings sent to the desks of event coordinators, an integrated website and CRM provide an always-on channel for your customers to start the ball rolling. Everyday CRM tasks, from data entry to record management, may be essential for your business, but they can also be time consuming, expensive, and prone to mistakes.

read more › An amazing change has been taking place in the digital world, as more and more companies are creating their own web applications, powerful websites that provide the functionality normally found on a desktop application. With the development of platforms like the Microsoft. Net Core framework, creating web applications is even easier and more cost effective than ever, putting them in reach of even the smallest organisation. All business owners and operations managers have been there; trying to find the commercially available online application that plugs seamlessly into their business workflows to make life easier and cheaper but finding that none come too close to matching their needs.

read more › Those lucky companies who have selected Umbraco as their CMS know how powerful and flexible it is, that it lives up to its claim to be the 'friendly' CMS, and that it is wonderfully licence free. But everyone needs a little help now and then. So, if you are looking for an Umbraco certified team to look after an existing website, or simply want additional features built by specialists, then our Umbraco support service will be just what you are looking for. Creating an Umbraco website is an investment that gives greater returns the longer it is in use.

read more › For nearly 20 years Boxharry has been creating websites, applications, and digital products for clients around the world. Each product is created by hand using the very latest technology available. After another fantastic year we're extremely excited to show you what we've been up to. Working hand-in-hand with some awesome clients our production team have created some truly innovative and engaging platforms. The AA have jumped into the world of car leasing with a truly innovative product - all inclusive hire.

read more › Being one of the most trusted brands in the UK, working with the AA brought with it a lot of responsibility. We wanted to make sure the site peformed flawlessly and helped ensure their well-deserved good reputation just kept growing. The power behind all-inclusive car hire is the partnership between the AA and LeasePlan, two giants of the UK automotive industry. At the heart of that partnership is the website, that reaches out to their potential customers. Car pricing, stock details and special offers travelled one way and vehicle enquiries travelled the other.

read more › LeasePlan UK is part of a global car leasing company that has operations in 33 countries. While each territory has the flexibility to tailor its digital sales platform, it's no exaggeration to say that the UK operation has the most ambitious online roadmap. We've been working with LeasePlan for over six years, having taken over support for their website from another digital agency. During that time we've come to know their industry and online goals really well, which helped amazingly when a huge challenge reared its head.

read more › WRSE (Water Resources South East) is a consortium of six water companies that has a very special role - to safeguard the region's water supplies for future generations. With our 15+ years of experience providing digital services to the water industry, we were asked to redefine their online presence by clarifying their messages and engaging their audience. It seems like a straightforward brief - to safeguard water supplies for future generations. But underneath this goal is a vastly complex landscape of infrastructure, stakeholders, environmental conditions and human interactions.

read more › As one of the leading construction recruitment companies in the UK, with seven branches across the country, PSR Solutions were achieving great success in their sector. With that success came a familiar problem - too much paperwork! What they needed was a way to shift many of their time-consuming candidate workflows online. This would allow them to be completed away from their offices, with any subsequent documentation being automatically generated and stored inside their CRM. Finding an off-the-shelf portal to handle these requirements proved to be impossible, so it was time to get creative.

read more › Ad Warrior provides an online service that is the crystallisation of one great idea - to allow employers to advertise their positions across the job boards of the internet for a single small price. From this humble concept has sprung the simple yet powerful online experience contained within their website. Hundreds of jobs are posted weekly and even greater numbers of CVs are returned for consideration. Originally looking for an off-the-shelf product that allows users to post jobs to multiple job boards, Ad Warrior were referred to us for advice due to our huge experience in online recruitment.

read more › Working out of our studio right in the heart of Brighton, our talented team is hard at work crafting the next generation of applications, portals and websites. Developers, designers, project managers and strategists can all be found on site, bouncing ideas around and enjoying the South Coast. Our goal is to provide digital services with the emphasis on truly great customer service. We want to make sure our clients are happy during each step of their project - and our experience, coupled with the training and skills, makes this possible.

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