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Painting Pixels Painting Pixels is a full service Digital Marketing, animation and distribution agency, with headquarters based in London Canary Wharf and a production studio in Ipswich, Suffolk. We develop bespoke digital marketing content and paid advertising campaigns, which are all fully project managed.

Our service includes full development of marketing strategies, creation of all digital content and distribution to popular platforms including; your own website, social media channels like facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube and also TV and VOD services.As a fully integrated Multimedia Design Studio, we can create any digital marketing content or mobile app development required to fulfil your marketing goals.

We can develop a whole new brand for you, including a new Logo and Graphic Design, Website Design, create a bespoke 2D Explainer Animation and high-end 3D Animations too. We can integrate these animations with our Video Production service and output bespoke TV Advert Productions for local and national TV, creating a visual spectacle to shout about and showcase who you are, what you do and why your customers need to use your services or buy your products.

read more › Website Design is more than just creating a website. It's about the design and development of a solution. Business' should just buy a website for the sake of having one. Every website should serve a purpose; whether it's a tool to help inform, promote or directly sell. The needs of each individual business are unique and your website should reflect that. Come and visit us at our Ipswich based website design studio and let's get you online. Bespoke and Premium Website Design (Designed from the ground up, uniquely for you and to your exact specification.).

read more › To save space we have categorised our services in to six sectors and also have a dedicated tab for our TV Advertising Services. Premium full production TV advertising services for all those looking to get either an online advert or a TV advert created and broadcasted to the nation. 3D Animation for company service promotion and also for use in the medical, industrial, architectural and engineering sectors etc. Script writing and researching ideas and planning for your production. Let our creative team take care of the ideas by using our in-depth knowledge of the industry and facilities.

read more › 3D animation is a great way to tell a story and visually demonstrate a complicated or technical product or process. Also perfect for 3D characters and epic landscapes for TV and other video productions. 2D animation is perfect for use in company explainer videos to help showcase your services or processes. We offer a bespoke and premium graphic design services for existing companies looking to rebrand and also for new start-up companies looking to shout-out to the world with new eye-catching logo and graphics.

read more › 2D animation services and motion graphics is the perfect marketing tool to help you and your business grab the attention of your customers or fanbase and educate them about your products, processes or services in a fun and engaging way. Our 2D animation services is also perfect for 2D explainer videos, corporate explainer videos and also for compliance explainer animations. So contact us at our London headquarters or Ipswich studio to get started on your own 2d animated motion graphics production, using our 2d animation services.

read more › 3D animation is a great way to tell a story, to describe a service or to visualise a particular product or process. Contact us today to start your 3d animated production or visit either our London or Ipswich based 3d animation studio. Using 3D modelling and 3D animation tools, our team of 3D artists have created some amazing 3D animations and visuals including complex organic character models, sophisticated rigging, hyper realistic automotive visualisation, technical industrial renders, 3D stereoscopic animations, 3D logo's and animated i-dents, to name a few!

read more › Best of all we create all of the digital marketing content in-house and so we have full control and flexibility to create anything necessary. This means we can easily adapt and create new content to keep up with the latest trends and react instantly. We don't just create the digital marketing content, we also distribute it for you across social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more. As a full service digital marketing agency we also create adverts and distribute on video sites like YouTube; push to VOD services and also to National and Local TV.

read more › Painting Pixel offers a full service social media management service including the creation of a full strategy, bespoke content creation and distribution. Most companies will register multiple social media platforms for their organisation in order to get better outreach and engaging their customer or fanbase! But it's important to ask a few questions beforehand, or otherwise you will end up wasting time and delivering content that will no doubt annoy visitors and bring you little engagement. Have a goal, create a strategy and create the correct type of content that will engage users and drive traffic and ultimately increase sales and create growth!

read more › Our social media and Google PPC services allows you to advertise online over the most popular channels to reach the largest audience. We create the strategy, design all the content and setup the paid adverts for you and manage them too; ensuring they maximum audience reach and so you get the best value out of your paid adverts. Use our Google PPC advertising, Per Per Click service to reach a larger group of customers. All of our paid advertising packages includes the strategy, content creation and advert management.

read more › Painting Pixels offers a comprehensive graphic design service; fully realised, conceptualised and produced in our Ipswich, Suffolk based graphic design studio. Contact us today to book your free consultation. We are more than just graphic designers; we can help you develop a full brand strategy, help you develop ideas and styles that are suitable for your business and industry sector! Our team constantly researches the latest trends, design styles and creative methods. And using this knowledge we create graphical assets from logo designs, digital and print marketing material to full branding guidelines; always making sure that your business design looks good and stays consistent throughout all your marketing.

read more › Painting Pixels logo design service. We can create any style and type of logo including 2D and 3D logos and even animated i-dents. Created bespoke for you from our Ipswich based design studio. Our logo are created bespoke and so perfect for businesses of all sizes. So whether your company is a large corporate organisation or you work individually; we can still provide you with a tailored logo design service and work towards your budget. We develop many different styles of logos for all kinds of businesses/ industries including.

read more › Video production agency in Ipswich and London, specialising in corporate explainer, websites features, youtube channels, tv adverts and more. Painting Pixels offers a full service video production package including high-end filming and editing solutions, for all forms of video production; fully conceptualised and edited in our Ipswich, suffolk based editing suite. We can create productions for all sizes from website based corporate explainers, TV adverts, TV shows to scenes for Cinema Productions.

read more › This brochure website system is easy to use and allows for those on a small budget to get online fast. We will help with the set-up and give advice and guidance on the system. Our subscription service is popular due to the fact that it requires minimal upfront capital to get you online. You get peace of mind knowing that your website is being looked after, updated and maintained. You are given access to use a website system that would have otherwise cost you many, many thousands of pounds. Unlike one off websites, our monthly subscription service allows for future feature updates to keep your site highly functional for the life of your subscription.

read more › Painting Pixels, TV advert production service can help you get your company, product or service in front of millions of UK TV viewers. Full Service TV Advert Production from start to finish. So contact us today to start your TV Advert Production! Visit out Ipswich or London based TV Advert Production Studio. We offer a complete, start to finish advertising service to get you on national or local TV. Adverts made with us can also be used for online promotions. It all starts with a consultation and we discuss your company, product or the services that your looking to advertise in detail and work on the key message and target.

read more › Bespoke Mobile App Development Service from our Ipswich and London Based Design and Development Studio. Our bespoke mobile app development service is perfect for all business sectors from small companies looking to promote services in a more unique manner above and beyond a website; all the way to large corporations that need extensive, highly functional mobile apps for a multitude of business applications. Everything we develop is bespoke from design to coding; so there is no limitation on what you can have as we are not bound by any software or framework limitations.

read more › Painting Pixels are specialists in 3D modelling and animation and with our knowledge in architectural design and engineering we can design and visualise stunning 3D interiors and exteriors and animated fly-throughs for both commercial and residential buildings. We model, texture, animate and render out bespoke 3d visuals and animated fly-throughs for any house type. Our high quality 3D renders are perfect for pre-visulaistion, planning and for sales brochures. They can help speed up the planning process and help clients see what their new house will look like before it's built.

read more › Birds Eye & Morphy Richards April Fool's Waffle Toaster 3D Animation Background Partnering with our friends at Cirkle, we worked with Birds Eye - the beloved company known for its diverse and tasty variety of food, including potato waffles. As well as Morphy Richards - the well-known experts at creating high-quality electrical appliances, such as. Eastern Angles Theatre Welcome Back Animation Background Eastern Angles are a theatre company local to us, based in Ipswich, and present theatrical performances across Eastern Anglia.

read more › Painting Pixels Ltd is a internationally recognised multimedia design studio based in Ipswich and is constantly striving to help others and give back where possible. Some of the ways we give back include donating money, giving up our time, or allowing others to use our resources for free to help themselves grow and succeed. Sometimes its the small things. And we do a lot of this; which includes allowing small charitable organisations to use our webs servers free of charge which gives them a small saving allowing them to put that money back in to their respective charities.

read more › Here you will find a list of job opportunities available at Painting Pixels multimedia design studio. Be sure to follow us on all Social Media streams and add yourself to our Newsletter to ensure you get the latest job updates straight away!. JOBS Please Note: All Full-time and Part-time jobs will be based from the Ipswich production studio. No permanent remote working will be available. We have noticed that we are only using a hand full of VO artist that have sent us their demo's on our many productions, purely due to convenience.

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