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The Web Design You Need A Powerful & Effective Website that isnt out of date, is modern & shows your company off. Works on mobiles, is fast & easy to update yourself. This time next week or so you could be pulling in new customers with your new website. One that isnt out of date, in fact it is modern & shows your company off to its very best. It works on mobiles, and is fast & easy to update yourself.

Please describe for us the kind of website or service that you are looking for, and if you have a preference when we call you back, please let us know that too. As you probably know are different because we provide a personal 1 to 1 service, direct with your professional website designer. He will be your personal guide and support ensuring that you end up with the perfect website that you always wanted.

Call our London Office directly on 020 3634 9292 Call our Southend Office directly on 01702 313495.

read more › If you have a company logo, then you will need to send a copy of it to your website designer. A large hi resolution version will be best for quality results. Remember you can always make an image smaller, but you can't make it bigger without losing quality. If you do not have a logo and you want one, then we can always design one for you.

read more › So now you have decided roughly how you want your website to look, next you need to decide what you want it to say. First you should research your competition. Take the time to look up all your competitors and see what they have included on their websites. It is important to remember that you must not simply copy the text from other people's websites, quite apart from the moral issues involved, Google knows what text originated from what website, and if you copy it, they will simply penalize your website, and no one will ever find it.

read more › Before you build your website, you need to decide what the purpose of your website is going to be? Is it going to be to sell products via the internet, or just to act as an on-line catalogue? Is it for your customers to book appointments with you, or for you to showcase your work? Or are you simply aiming to get an on-line presence and introduce your company to new customers? Do you want to help people to learn more about your company, or are you just looking to provide testimonials and directions to your office?

read more › Once your website is built, or perhaps even better still, while your website is being built, you should open every possible social networking account that you can. You should then upload images, photographs, videos, customer testimonials, FAQs and special offers to all these accounts regularly. Ask your customers, friends and family to upload their photos of your product or service, reviews, and links to your website to their own social network accounts. Make sure that you retweet, and share everything that they post about you.

read more › Project Brief: We were contacted by Nick who needed to meet an urgent deadline. He had just 3 days to get a brand new website built, and he was a little worried that what he wanted would not be possible in the time he had left to get it finished. Customers Video Review / Testimonial Transcript: My name is Nick Watkins, im the managing director of Thamesgate group. I approached Joe on Monday, and said to him that I needed a website done very very quickly. I wanted something quite basic, and what I got within just 3 days is probably the most amazing website that I have ever seen!

read more › We often hear people saying "help I've got a Google Penalty" or at least they think they might have. So can we help you? Yes we can, but fixing a penalty is not a quick process, there are many different reasons why you may have a penalty, but it usually comes down to either trying to use sneaky old tactics that Google disprove of such as hidden text, keyword stuffing, cloaking, and such things on the website, or using poor quality links or automated programs to build lots of links automatically.

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