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If you have a business, then you could benefit from our services. We provide technical support and products to suit most small to medium sized businesses, promptly and at a cost you can afford. Perhaps you need some web pages designed or existing pages improved. Many smaller businesses often need local support, a desktop management consultant, a software training session or even just some quick response to a backup problem.

Whatever your needs we will endeavour to supply that service or product in the way that you want. We are sure you will find what you need. Then just either email or phone us for a free consultation with no obligation. Our services are designed to free up your time and give you peace of mind.priceless! Introducing aerial photography, filming and surveilance for the west of Scotland.

This should be available very soon We are currently in the final stages before applying for our permissions from the Civil Aviation Authority. Until we get our permissions we are happy to do demo flights and filming for existing customers free of charge where the resulting film can be used as you wish.

read more › Use the headings above to find out what we can do for you with regards creating a vibrant and functional website for your business. You may not be jargon savy but that matters not as we will be happy to discuss your needs with you in detail to come up with the best and most cost effective solution for your business. All our websites are now built with the modern gadget era in mind and thus all are websites are mobile and tablet friendly (like this one) and so you will not loose customers just because they searched for your business type on a screen size that your website does not support.

read more › In today's high tech climate it is important to make sure that your website is adaptive (responsive) to all screen sizes. In the UK in 2016, almost 50% of all internet searches have been made on mobile phones and Tablets. A business simply cant afford not to have their website tablet and mobile friendly. Your new or refurbished website designed and published by us will of course be mobile and tablet friendly.

read more › Enhance your business website with Aerial Photograhy and 4k aerial video. Perhaps you have a Bed and Breakfast or Hotel in a prime location where aerial photography would really show the business and location at its best. Maybe a building company looking for spectacular before and after shots. Whatever your needs, just get in touch with us and we can organise your Aerial Photography in Argyll and get you a 20% introductory discount.

read more › In this day and age it is important to follow up on your online marketing and not just create a website and hope that it will do everything that you want to bring new customers to you. We can provide you with an online marketing strategy including Social Media. If your business is new it may be that a few months of pay per click adverts are appropriate to you. After consultation, we will come up with a low cost but effective online marketing strategy for your business and monitor the results for you.

read more › You may or may not use social media platforms such as FaceBook, Twitter and others but one thing is certain, your business should. Not only is social media a quick way to deliver a message or snap sale or special weekend coming up for your business but it is now essential for better Google rankings. If your business has multiple links and mentions from social media, then your rankings will improve. Speak to us about getting "appropriate" social media pages and also about a good social media marketing strategy.

read more › Even some of the best looking websites can fail to get the results that you might expect. This can be for a variety of reasons. One of our services is to Analyse your existing website and then rebuild the website to ensure a good flow of traffic or potential customers. Before we start we establish the parameters of your intended market place and then make the appropriate recommendations. A refurbished or rebuild website can sometimes just a quick facelift or in some instances a completely new look and feel to suit the modern market place.

read more › For small businesses who want to trade online and have a need for a secure shop or store, the costs can be prohibitive, however we can do this from start to finish for as little as 475. This is likely to suit most small to medium sized businesses who want to trade online. We can give you advice and guidance on where to start, who to set up your incoming payments (your own bank may be expensive) and how to display your products. We will also optimise your existing site to ensure that the maximum of traffic is driven to your shop.

read more › There are many businesses who have websites that attract little traffic. A bit like advertising archery in a fishing journal. We specialise in website optimisation and the ongoing management thereafter so that your website attracts optimum traffic. If you search around you will see that website optimisation is a bit of a buzz word or phrase in our industry. We believe it is best achieved with a "hands on" approach in partnership with your business. For a relatively small amount of money we can analyse your current website and bring it immediately up to date and ensure that it appears very high up in the ranking of the worlds best known search engines and in particular, Google.

read more › Even the smallest business should have access to up to date statistics for the visitors to their website at all times. This is not just the job of your webmaster. Your S.E.O. will improve the rankings of your website in the search engines. However there are many indicators that you should keep an eye on to ensure that you maximise the traffic to your website and thus increase your sales. All our customers who host with us have access to full statistics at no extra cost. If we have designed the website we also provide full access to Website Statistics for every webpage allowing our customers a complete picture of the visitors to every page of their website.

read more › Images are very important for a website. For instance if you are a Guest House providing accommodation then it would be expected that you would have many images of your establishment on your website, including the house itself and the rooms. You may want to supply these yourself or perhaps you want to hire a professional photographer to get very professional images of your business. We can help by sourcing royalty free images that might compliment a particular theme, dependant upon the type of business you have.

read more › In this age it is common to have concernes about your computer security and general health. Like servicing a car, our service heads off larger problems that might manifest itself causing major servicing costs that you could incur. Of course the peace of mind having your computer integrity checked every month is priceless. Don't forget you can have more than one household / workplace computer health checked and files backed up very month, just ask. Almost 95% of computer problems are software problems and not hardware problems.

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