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Abricot Production We can design customised user friendly mobile apps for your business, so your clients take it with them wherever they go. This can also boost your online presence. We love working with local businesses; it means that we can meet people in person and create a close relationship with them. A lot of our clients are small businesses in Kingston or Surbiton coming through referrals.

However, while we are situated in Surrey, (Greater London), we will, of course, design your website regardless of where you are in the UK!

read more › The process may seem daunting, but this is what we do: help businesses through this intimidating task. Whether it is precision of detail or refined simplicity - the design of the web or mobile interfaces that we undertake is based on a method centred on the user experience. In achieving that goal, clarity is always maintained and with the assurance that you will not be confused with incomprehensible jargon! We don't specialise in any particular area. This means that we observe your business from your client's perspective.

read more › Whether you are an individual needing a blog, a small business starting online, or a medium-sized company already familiar with the process, we'll help with your development project. If you are unhappy with the service you have received, we'll refund you in full right away. We are confident that our service is good and that you won't want to cancel, so we never tie you into a contract. If you refer abricot, as a thank you, we will maintain your website free of charge for three months.

read more › If you need to reach a French audience, you will need your website translated into French. Of course, you could use Google Translate, but does it know - does it really know - how to speak to your French audience? It would be nice if it did, wouldn't it? But it doesn't, though. France isn't far away, but the French culture, at the very least, is not quite the same as that of the English. You will need to speak to French people quite differently from the way that you engage with the English. Things can get tricky, and misunderstandings do happen.

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