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Bluefish Digital Services Ltd was formed to deliver real online solutions for businesses that wish to grow from the use of their internet marketing activities. With offices in the North of England along the M6/M62 corridor, we are well positioned to provide our services across the UK. Use of the internet means that we are able to deliver our service with ease to anywhere in the UK and abroad.

Our staff have a wealth of experience and abilities, gained as the internet itself has evolved over the years. Our experience means that Bluefish are confident that we can handle your all internet marketing activities both professionally and efficiently.

read more › A responsive design automatically adapts itself to a particular viewing environment such as desktop, tablet or mobile, without the need for separate layouts for varying platforms. Responsive Layout design started becoming popular in late 2012 in preference to creating separate websites for mobile and tablet devices. We have now adopted this method of laying out content on our websites, where possible.

read more › Social Media is growing in popularity amongst businesses. With the huge audience reach that can be achieved through Facebook and Twitter, business owners are missing a trick if they do not get social. Our research found that many businesses were reluctant to set-up Blogs or post on multiple social media sites as they didn't have time to login to their website and multiple social media accounts everyday. We simplify this process by setting up a Social Blog Network driven through their website that is linked to all their social media accounts.

read more › The concept behind paid search marketing is quite simple; when a potential consumer searches the Web through a search engine or an affiliated partner, we ensure that relevant ad copy for your product or service is positioned in the most prominent, yet commercially viable, position in the sponsored search results. This is done through an auctioning system with the search networks. We can then track and analyse the cost of each individual visitor, what actions they take, and what revenue they are likely to generate.

read more › We understand that different businesses and marketplaces need particular types of search engine optimisation, which could mean completely different approaches or just slight changes in emphasis. The point being, at Bluefish Digital we appreciate that one size does not fit all! E-commerce sites may need to focus their search engine optimisation on large numbers of product phrases.

read more › Social networks make viral marketing and word-of-mouth marketing much easier than before. The best use out of social networks is not to make money 'directly' off them, but to harness their marketing potential and to use them to market your own business. The main goal of any search engine marketer is to drive more traffic to their site. The best way to do that is to optimise your website (including the process of link building) for your target keywords. Online social networks present an efficient platform for you to use in the spread of your marketing message.

read more › We can get you selling on-line within minutes using any one of the many popular e-commerce shopping cart systems available. We have worked with Virtuemart, Cs-Cart, ECWID and have built eCommerce websites with anything from 10 products to 50,000 products. Our eCommerce solutions are very scalable so that if you wish to start small and grow your online shop over time then that's fine. We can build and populate your online shop with your initial database of products and then provide you with training so that you can manage it from launch.

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