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Azzurro-blu Whether you just need a website, an e-commerce platform, a great promotional video, or a full marketing plan, no task is too small or too large to get the attention it deserves and the solution you want. We are a fully integrated Marketing Agency based in Aberdeen offering a complete list of marketing services ranging from market research, through marketing plans and e-commerce platforms, to sales and marketing training.

We believe that being creativity aligned with the right experience delivers great results. As Einstein said, "Imagination is more important than knowledge". And at Azzurro-Blu we believe that imagination supported by knowledge produces great marketing solutions. Please get in touch to find out how we can help you meet your marketing challenge and grow your business.

We will take the time to listen to your requirement and to discover the value in your organisation, its people, its products and its services. By starting here we will develop the best marketing solutions for your needs.

read more › At Azzurro-Blu our principal goal is to ensure you get the marketing inputs you need so that your clients get the satisfaction they want. Whether it's a full marketing plan, a brand, design, web site or advertising we will work with you to understand your business and its customers to produce the results you desire. Azzurro-Blu is an Aberdeen based marketing agency. Our team of Marketing Analysts, Sales Specialists and Creatives will collaborate with you to create the marketing outputs you need.

read more › Talk to Azzurro-Blu about the right Ecommerce solution for your business. We will guide you through the process and having you selling the world before you know it. We'll help you plan for the potentially dramatic impact Ecommerce could have on your business. Ecommerce has the potential to change a business completely and expand sales well beyond your current limitations. Talk to our specialists today about growing your business, it might be the best decision you ever make. Azzurro-Blu Ecommerce solutions.

read more › What does this mean for your business? Will you beat your competitors to the prize or be left behind? We have been so conditioned by the power of the moving picture that it has to be a key part of your marketing effort. Talk to us today about how video can promote your business. What does Augusta National in Georgia, home to many Masters' tournaments, and Hazlehead in Aberdeen have in common? This video will tell you. Example of motion graphic titles from a project featuring the complexity and scale of a DSV mobilisation.

read more › A surprising number of businesses today, still don't recognise the power of intelligent digital marketing, opting instead to pour a big chunk of their budget down the drain with traditional advertising. As John Wanamaker famously said we know that half of our advertising doesn't work. We just don't know which half. Today our digital marketing techniques carry a probability of hitting a target that many forms of traditional advertising could never have dreamt of. From intelligent email marketing, to intelligent advertising campaigns, with Azzurro-Blu we can get your message in front of your target audience for a fraction of your traditional advertising spend.

read more › We take a two-pronged approach to delivering value using Public Relations (PR) services. We have clients who want a strategic and protective PR approach, where we work with the client to manage reputation and build positive relationships with stakeholders on a consistent basis. We have clients whose key aim is to use PR as a cost-effective part of their advertising mix. Also, PR builds trust with target audiences more effectively than other advertising methods. Your company will have great stories to tell.

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