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Tinstar Design Ours are not always straight forward requests but have always been met with patience, understanding and most importantly, especially in their field, flexibility. Tinstar has the decades of experience necessary to enthusiastically embrace any graphic design challenge. From a simple and effective leaflet to a beautifully designed, printed company brochure.

From a suite of stationery to an exhibition stand. It also helps enormously that they are technically up-to-the-minute in all things digital. We ensure that every item of your marketing material builds trust in your business. Brochures, websites, business cards - we ensure they all reflect a consistent and stable look and feel. Tinstar's expertise means your business will present exactly the right image for your audience.

read more › Tinstar Design is a small, reliable, creative graphic and website design studio based in the centre of Lymington, Hampshire - probably the best Georgian sailing town to be found due south of the New Forest National Park. Founded in 1997, Tinstar took a small group of clients, nurtured and cared for them and, in doing so, developed a solid reputation for creativity, imagination and trustworthiness - as well as a much bigger client list. Owner and Creative Director, Nick Beresford-Davies, first worked in the creative industry in 1988 as a paste-up-artist, hand-making pages for the free classified paper, Friday Ad in Uckfield, East Sussex.

read more › A brand in need of development is like a jigsaw that has missing pieces - or some that belong to a completely different puzzle. The best brands - the ones that really cut through and drive business - are the ones whose brand jigsaw pieces fit together beautifully. We get it, branding is tough. It's easy to focus on the day to day and let the public image sort itself out. But that out-of-date marketing material, that spelling mistake on a poster, that website which doesn't quite match the business cards: those things are your sales team.

read more › Graphic Design is the visual communication of a message. Everywhere we look we see the results of graphic designers' work. The designs (and more importantly the messages) that stick in your head and get a response are the ones that have done their job. The graphic design process isn't just about being creative. It's about being able to convert a message into a clear, aesthetically pleasing and memorable call to action - be it for a corporate display ad, a company newsletter or a menu. We live and breathe the eight basic principles: alignment, hierarchy, contrast, repetition, proximity, balance, colour and space - all of which help us to to create a visually attractive, effective and compelling call to action.

read more › And the technology changes all the time. HTML, PHP, SASS, CSS, MySQL - it's all important stuff that keeps your business online. We can help with the technology maze, but we don't forget the fundamental point of the job. At Tinstar Design we ask one question before we go near any technology: what's the purpose of this site? What's it for? More often than not, a company website needs to convey quickly and simply what the business offers and how it can help the visitor. Having answered a need, it must make it absurdly simple for the visitor to take action and become a converted customer.

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