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Below are some of the prices for our more popular packages, we have other website packages and services available. All our new website orders will be designed to be responsive (mobile friendly), Responsive websites are a requirement for your site to get ranked on Google searches. If you need a front-page banner with rotating images, this will be included as standard.

We do not have any hidden charges. We do have add-ons available for your website, please enquire.

read more › W3Designs now has a number of business design packages for you to choose from, to help your business benefit from an affordable corporate image, from logo to website, brochures to business stationery. We have put together a number of affordable design packages for you based on the size of the website which you may require, either 5 page or 10 page.

read more › An e-commerce website is a way to go if you have a shop or would like to venture into a new market. Billions of Pounds are spent every year on the internet. So take advantage of our low prices and start trading. Should be interested in an online shop (e-commerce website) please feel free to contact us and we will also answer any questions which you may have with regards to selling online. Set up to accept whichever payment option you require, example: Paypal, Worldpay, Credit Cards etc. If you would like to know what features are available in our online store please feel free to get in touch with us.

read more › A Large Website is a 10 Page web site designed for medium to large businesses. Your website can consist of Home Page, Contact Page and then several pages consisting of different services and products or even different departments within your business. Extra services are available and more pages can be added to the site at a later stage, please contact us for further details and pricing.

read more › As well as the affordable design of your website, there are a number of additions which can be added to the site now or at a later stage. Once added to your website, you will receive a handy powerpoint "how to" file, which shows you how to use your Web Manager. Show off your business through an online gallery, for B & B's, Hotels, Restaurants, Adventure Farms, this is an ideal way to show off your business in an easy way! We have an online booking system which will automatically update the availability on your website as and when a booking is made.

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