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Pippas Web I can provide all your tech support you need to create the website and after it's gone live. You can choose how hands-on you want to be with the site afterwards and if you want to make content updates yourself you can have full access. If you're not so comfortable with that idea, then I also provide a full maintenance service. Using language you can understand to explaining the process of site design you needn't worry about being bamboozled by the jargon.

If you don't understand something just ask. I will work with you to create a stunning, effective website that is full of your personality. Allowing you to showcase your products or services to the online world. Your business can be seen 24hrs a day 7 days a week, just when your customers are looking for you.

read more › Pippas Web affordable but effective website design, for any small business. Creating a website can seem like something other people do. But if you run a business, you want to be found by your potential clients and online is a lot more efficient way to do this than some other marketing techniques. A website is a showcase of your business, that is open to your customers, 24hrs a day. It can sell them the dream of owning what you sell, It can answer their questions, or your website can be an online brochure with images & styles of work you do to help them choose.

read more › The problem is that the early mobile sites used to shrink a full-size webpage down into the size of the old mobile phone screen which made reading sites almost impossible. The sites created at Pippas Web are all responsive and optimised for mobile users. Mobile First is a term coined because Google is no looking at how your site performs for mobile devices as a key part of the algorithm for ranking your site. Not sure if your site is mobile friendly- then try this tool from Google mobile site test or responsive site test to confirm if your site is mobile responsive.

read more › If you are going to sell online you need to be able to receive payments. A common one I work with is through PayPal. PayPal allows customers to make payments via their credit and debit cards, even if they don't have a PayPal account. If you want to use an alternative option, we may need to make changes to your site, so please let me know during the design discussions. However, to receive the payment, you will need to sign up for an account, but this is very easy and I can help you do this. Every shop will be different, depending on the number of products and the number of additional content pages you require, so please contact me to discuss your needs and for a free a quotation.

read more › All recommendations will be actions you can carry out yourself - they don't, however, include step by step instructions of "how to do" them. There are no guarantees, no-one knows Google's algorithm, except Google. But all the advice provided is based on my experience and current recommendations by fellow professionals. After completing the form I will respond by email to confirm and ask for your details for the invoice. Payment is required upfront due to the nature of the work involved. This is not an automated or computer-generated report.

read more › How long is a piece of string? Generally speaking a couple of weeks for a small 5-page site. But it does depend on you. The quicker you provide the content or respond to my queries or confirm you're happy with the work done, the faster I can complete your site. I would aim to turn around a one-page site in a couple of days, but the larger the site, the longer it will take. I will try to work to your timelines wherever possible, or at least advise you what is feasible. 1 Plan: consider what you want your site to do.

read more › But with so many "voices" online and an ever-reducing number of people seeing our posts, how can you make yours count? Platforms are forever changing - adding new features, retiring others and legal requirements change. In this Ebook, we talk about recent changes and how best to use them. We use Mailchimp as our marketing platform. Learn more about Mailchimp's privacy practices here.

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