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Primarysite With PrimarySite's background in education and marketing, we can help you develop a website and marketing tools that reflect your unique values and vision. Websites by PrimarySite are designed for maximum impact and are brought to life by either photography, videography, illustration or animation. Whether you are a Primary or Secondary School or a Trust, our portfolio is the perfect place to see a range of our designs and to get inspired for your new website.

We offer a range of specialist branding and marketing services tailored exactly to your needs. Our expertise in education and marketing means that we can develop branding and communication tools that really bring to life the vision and values of your Trust or School. We can help you to unlock the online world with a powerful suite of communications tools, our mobile app and features such as our video resource centre and parents evening booking form.

We'd like to invite you to join Trust leaders for a free webinar about the role mergers can play in enabling growth.

read more › Being the UK's largest supplier of educational websites, working with numerous Schools and Trusts has given us a deep understanding of what you are working towards, and the challenges you face along the way. Our mission is to help free up valuable admin and support time so you can do what you do best; connect children and young adults with their potential. Our communication tools make contacting your school community easy. We have been creating educational websites and digital communications solutions since 2002.

read more › We understand that every School is unique and offer a range of website design services, so you can choose from a range of options to suit your needs, from affordable template designs to fully bespoke sites. Choose from a wide range of beautiful templates that can be customised with your school name, colours and logo. A unique design crafted from the ground up to perfectly reflect your school's unique character, values and identity. Everything a bespoke design provides with a personal dedicated touch and a choice of specialist features.

read more › There's a good reason PrimarySite has created Trust websites for many of the UK's leading Trusts. We build a strong digital foundation for your Trust, backed by research-driven optimised user journeys and 'calls to action' that work. Our designs work hard to showcase you at your best, to generate ideas, and bring your branding to life. Choose from a range of specifically designed multi-page website templates with the reassurance of knowing that they will be customised to reflect your brand and optimised for both your marketing messages and objectives.

read more › You might be an expert in education, but that doesn't necessarily mean you know where to begin when it comes to School and Trust marketing. Don't worry. We can help you (and handily we have lots of experience in both education AND marketing). Depending on whether you're a School or a Trust, you'll be talking to different groups of people. If you are a Trust your target audience is likely to be quite diverse but, if you're looking to grow, you'll be wanting to attract new Schools. You may also be selective with potential Schools; seeking to attract those with a good cultural fit from the onset.

read more › Your brand identity (basically, the way you present yourself to the world) is the first thing to consider when looking at your marketing. By designing a logo, developing a colour palette, choosing a typeface and giving some thought to the way these things work together, we will create a visual 'look' to differentiate your School or Trust and represent what you stand for. Your School or Trust branding will be used everywhere (your website, brochures, presentations, signage.) To create a brand, we start with a workshop.

read more › There are few things more useful in marketing than really great photography. Nearly every piece of design work you need will rely on good images to make an impact. We can help you create a portfolio of beautiful Trust and School photography that will form the basis of so much of your marketing material. The photographer was fantastic, he actively engaged with staff to get the best possible shots, nothing was too much trouble. Some of the shots he captured really show off the feel for the school.

read more › It's helpful to consider the kind of digital and printed material you think you'll need, especially if you have new branding and need to update things. We can save you time by creating all your required collateral, from a striking School prospectus design to useful digital templates. We will organise it all and tie everything in with your brand, so you can hit the ground running. A smart well-designed brochure makes the right impression, and this alone can say a lot about the way you do things.

read more › Social media is a great way to connect directly and quickly with exactly the right people - if you know what you are doing! Whether you're promoting your School or Trust, connecting with stakeholders, presenting yourself as a thought-leader in your field or advertising an event, let us guide you through the best way of achieving your goals. If you feel a little daunted by the idea of Trust or School social media marketing, then you're not alone! Our training workshop will cover all the essentials that you and your colleagues need to know.

read more › A picture may paint a thousand words, but video takes things to a whole new level. We all view videos online because they engage us quickly and are easy to watch. A short, well-produced video can bring your School or Trust to life and be a very powerful marketing tool. We can help with your Trust or School video production, from planning to editing, we ensure you are presented exactly how you want to be seen. A video to showcase your School or Trust will capture the imagination of parents and stakeholders and give a real sense of who you are.

read more › Effective digital communication is at the heart of everything we do. As an Education Marketing Agency for Schools and Trusts, we have created communication tools that allow you to easily update your website and manage your school communications from one place. A powerful app that automatically updates through your website and allows you to send free messages to individuals and groups. A basic website updating system (text editing and documents only for our Bronze packages). Events calendar with the option to choose from list or grid views and also colour categorise events.

read more › Whether you're sharing news, calendar events or personalised reminders, TheSchoolApp from PrimarySite is an essential communication hub that collates all of your key information in one easy-to-access app. Our specifically-designed CMS system automatically updates the information in your app from your website, so you can rest assured that the information is accurate. Whether you want to send a school-wide reminder or a personal message to a parent, our app messaging feature has no character limit and is a free alternative to costly texts.

read more › A schools website is its window to the world. Here are our top hints and tips to keep your website tip top to make sure it's always making a good first impression. We explore the unique opportunities that multi-academy trusts can take advantage of to get the most out of social media. If you're thinking of trying your hand at some filmmaking, here are some projects from the schools we work with to inspire you. The digital world has never been more vital in the education sector here are some essentials to ensure that your Trust website stands out.

read more › Responsive design is now one of the core elements driving every single website we create, but what is it and why should schools care about it? We look at four ways schools can design their homepage to achieve an impact through the use of photography, illustration and video. In this article we are going to talk about what user experience is and why your school should care about it. We take a look at how the growing importance of user experience is going to affect the design of school websites over the next 12 months.

read more › Alternatively, you can call us on 01636 616 640. Book a consultation today; contact us and one of our team will help you match your School or Trust education website design ideas with your communication needs, audience and budget. After which, one of your expert designers will transform your ideas into a creative concept, giving you time to review the design and give us your valuable feedback. While we are then building your website, you have the chance to configure the perfect additional communications features to help ensure that your website matches the vision and values of your School or Trust.

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