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Granite 5 We guide membership organisations, charities and businesses to advance their digital marketing, customer experience and online conversion. From our rural Cambridgeshire location, just 20 minutes from Cambridge, our team of 16 digital experts create user and results focused websites, web apps, and digital campaigns. Our carefully measured and pragmatic approach ensures your investment in digital works hard, meets your expectations, and delivers great results.

The Mller Institute's website is a critical part of extending our reach and reputation as well as driving revenue. We're pleased to have partnered with Granite 5 who I have found to be a reliable, proactive and effective digital agency. Our events team report that setting up events on the website has reduced man hours by half, and our members and internal team are finding it much more intuitive.

Only one or two members of the team could use the old website due to the amount of time it took to train people up! Thank you to entire team for exceeding our expectations and delivering a fantastic new website.

read more › User experience and website design can play a crucial role in member acquisition and retention, we offer our experience to harness digital to help transform your organisations' digital footprint. We understand the challenges of engaging your members, driving change and raising standards, amongst other things. We understand that every membership organisation and association has its own unique opportunities and challenges. While no two membership organisations are the same, our sector experience ensures a smoother process from planning and design through development to launch and beyond.

read more › We develop effective ecommerce websites and online sales and lead generation sites, we can deliver new sites or improve the conversion and effectiveness of your existing site. Having worked with Granite 5 for almost 2 years, they have a great insight into our business. We are now almost totally reliant on digital marketing and our business has strengthened considerably over the last years thanks to our collaboration with Granite 5.

read more › We help charities and not for profits to harness the power of digital marketing to drive change, recruit volunteers, increase donations and engagement to grow their brands online. The new UKinbound site is a big step forward for the association. It's much easier to find members' details, the visuals are bright and bold and the layout is clear and clean. Most importantly, as I spend a lot of time on the road, the mobile site is highly user-friendly.

read more › Our digital marketing agency works with one goal in mind - to make you successful. We go to great lengths to understand your objectives and aligning them to ensure the best outcomes for your organisation. Having worked with Granite 5 for almost 2 years, they have a great insight into our business. We are now almost totally reliant on digital marketing and our business has strengthened considerably over the last years thanks to our collaboration with Granite 5. Granite 5 have helped to transform our online marketing.

read more › Granite 5 have been really responsive and pro-active throughout the project, and they delivered the new website within their estimated budget. They will continue to provide support and guidance to help us make sure we keep on top of emerging digital trends. A website is much more than a brochure, portal, or shop. It's also an important first impression, your reputation, or maybe your only chance to convert a new customer. We understand your sites reliability, performance and availability are critical to your success.

read more › We supported The British Society of Gastroenterology by creating a new site that engages members and builds their reputation. The site has evolved through the GDD process resulting in a 14% increase in time on site and a 200% increase in total users. Many of the foundations of GDD have always been part of our process, for example using data to inform decision making. By following the GDD methodology more closely allows us to respond more efficiently to changes in behavior, trends, and technology to better serve our clients.

read more › From accounting systems to CRM, member portals to stock management, and bespoke database solutions, most organisations run multiple disparate systems to help them function. Quite often the ideal solution is to get these systems talking, to reduce the need for manual processes, which can cause error and duplication with disastrous consequences at worst, and waste time or cause unnecessary work at best. Integrating these systems can solve a multitude of issues and help to drive your organisation forward.

read more › Are you looking for a partner to help integrate your website with your Salesforce platform, or to help you to migrate to Salesforce? We have integrated many websites with Salesforce but also use it ourselves, so really understand how it works! The Web 2 lead option enables your websites data capture forms to be directly injected into Salesforce as a new lead or case. If you use the same form on different pages we can capture the URL which tells you which page leads are generated from. Directory information can be pulled from Salesforce and displayed on your site, and edited within your site by user, which is then passed back to Salesforce.

read more › Website design is a process which is more than ensuring a site is aesthetically pleasing to the eye, it goes much deeper and needs to be aligned to your users and business objectives. Putting your users first is the key to delivering a successful website, and this is exactly what we do right from the early planning stages through to the final delivery and post-launch. Your sites design, functionality, structure and content are all tools to help deliver what your users need. However, the success of your website really depends upon your users doing what you want them to.

read more › Our rigorous user interface design process places the user at the heart and carefully considers their interactions with the site. User interface designs must not only be attractive to potential users but also functional and intuitive. Thanks to Granite 5, we now have an excellent accessible and innovative platform in Vital Tech for showcasing developments and trends in assistive technology. I'm very excited for its future potential. This is one of our most interesting sites, it's a great example of what can be achieved when the client is prepared to push the boundaries and we get the opportunity to dial the creativity up to 10.

read more › Cambridge BID awards Granite 5 contract to deliver digital consultancy to local businesses. Granite 5 launches continuous improvement programmes to grow your website and digital presence. Meet Ellie, accessibility expert shares tips on creating an accessible website from 20 years industry experience. Leading through the pandemic - how leaders of membership organisations have met the challenge. MemberWise Digital Excellence Research - an opportunity to benchmark your membership organisation.

read more › We're an agile team of digital experts. We take a measured, pragmatic, user & results-focussed approach to delivering websites, applications and digital marketing services. Anything is possible in digital, and that's why we love what we do. We guide you through the complex and constantly changing digital landscape. We're hugely conscientious and our experienced team pride themselves on providing great customer service, effective strategy and advice, high levels of creativity and imagination, robust and best-practice development, and reliable support and maintenance services.

read more › Join our great team of digital planners and strategists, marketers, designers, front-end developers, and back-end devs & integration specialists. Different views and experiences are advantages and give us perspectives that drive better decisions. We always strive for excellence and are unconstrained by the way things have been done before. We always strive for PRIDE: in our work, relationships, advice, processes, ROI, team, people, office, and in everything that we produce. We're an agile team of 16 digital experts supported by an extended network of specialist photographers, copywriters, videographers and more.

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