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HQ will design and develop a professional and eye catching site to represent your business. Our expertise extends to producing e-commerce facilities, content management systems and product databases. HQ sites are designed to be noticed by internet search engines. The marketing process involves researching relevant keywords and regularly submitting your new site to the search engines.

read more › When sites are designed at HQ Web Services we consider the clients aims and needs for their site. Functionality and a need to communicate effectively with your customers is paramount, therefore we need to take into account who the target audience is, what they will be looking for and also making sure your site beats the competition in gaining their interest. A successful website needs proper planning in the design and development stage. Please contact us for a free consultation where your site requirements can be discussed.

read more › A website database is a program that can store information in related sections such as names, products or prices which is then stored on our specialist server. The database is then accessed through web pages which will allow people to view and even search the information. HOW CAN IT BENEFIT YOU? Website databases can be used to achieve many solutions, for instance, if your company offers numerous products, you need to update your pages frequently, or if you have a lot of text or imagery to display, a database may be the best answer for you.

read more › An e-commerce website will enable you to sell directly to your customers over the internet. Your website could then become a virtual shop open 24 hours a day to a worldwide audience. HOW DOES IT WORK? At HQ Web Services we offer several e-commerce options to suit your requirements. A calculator is created in order to display the total price after products, quantities, tax and delivery is added. A shopping cart which utilises database technology will often be implemented and so customers can add products at any time during their visit to your site.

read more › A Content Management System (CMS) is used for managing websites and web content. At HQ Web Services we can develop special online client software which enables you to edit and construct pages, articles, upload images and even menus within your site. HOW CAN IT BENEFIT YOU? One of the best ways to ensure people return to your website on a regular basis is to update it's content frequently, keeping it fresh, up-to-date and appealing. CMS is usually used on 'news sites' or sites which present changing data or products.

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