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Well it means that preferential ranking treatment is now given to sites that are "optimised" for mobile devices. It also means that having a mobile-friendly website is no longer a nice option to give your customer-it's absolutely essential. The good news is that we can build you a great mobile website which will be Google compliant.

We can add links to your social media accounts and you tube channel and we can also add in coupons and loyalty schemes so that you mobile website will get you more business from you existing customer base.We are so confident that a mobile website will be good for your business that we will put our 'money where our mouth is'.

read more › There is good news and there is bad news: If you have a website, then you have a website that can be accessed by any internet enabled mobile phone - GREAT! Now, the bad news : the chances are, that your site does not look great on a mobile phone. This is your user experience. A recent survey from Compuware, concluded that 40% of users have turned to a competitor's site after a bad mobile website experience. You are not alone if you're concerned about this. We have been here before, history is repeating itself.

read more › Will your next PC or laptop be a smartphone? This notion is not a daft as it sounds. In the next few years, mobile smartphones will gain capabilities that make them suitable replacements for the conventional desktop/laptop computer. The mobile web will come of age. Smartphones are already more popular than PCs. Research by Canalys shows that in 2011 global smartphone shipments topped those of client PCs - including desktops, laptops, netbooks and tablets - for the first time! Depending on where your customer is and their data connections their smartphone could be trying to upload your website at 3g speed or GPRS speed.

read more › Hotels - send automated booking confirmations to guests making web bookings and also send bespoke restaurant promotions and special offers. Restaurants -send an SMS text your list of opt-in customers with special offers and sales promotions. Due to it's powerful viral capabilities, new bookings often come from friends and family who have been forwarded the SMS text. Commercial property company - Short codes were used to aid sales campaigns - Outdoor billboard advertising displaying the short codes were introduced as an effective way of promoting the development to passing motorists.

read more › The search results can vary i.e. if you put the same search word or phrase into Google you will get a different result on your desktop compared to your mobile device. Mobile PPC can be highly targeted by phone network, phone type user demographics, geolocation and connection types [wi-fi or 3g]. Mobile 'searches' are often highly motivated to buy as they are searching for an immediate result! There are a number of different mobile marketing advertising networks and they can be defined in three class types: Blind, Premium Blind and Premium.

read more › There are 'two' types of business apps that you can use to promote your business - 'native' apps and html5 [or web apps]. Native Apps - the 'app' is essentially hosted on the mobile device - smartphone or tablet. The apps are downloaded from an 'app store' i.e. iTunes or an Android store. You may be wondering exactly what iTunes and the Andriod store is? Like computers smartphones and tablets have operating systems and in the mobile World there are two operating systems 'Apple's IOS system' and 'Andriod', so in exactly the same way Windows programmes won't always work on Macs - Apple apps won't work on Andriod devices and visa versa.

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