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E-man Business founders: come and change the world with us! We can come in at the very beginning and take your raw idea to Series A, inside 12 months. If you're a thought-leader and an industry expert, harbouring a passion and with access to an addressable market, we want to hear from you. Come and join our illustrious group of angel and institutional investors, who have gained significant returns from investing in E-Man concepts at ground zero.

In the past four years, E-Man's founder-stage investments have, on average, enjoyed stunning seven-times returns. All UK companies are eligible for investment under EIS. Are you mission-driven and eager to work on ideas that reach millions? If so, E-Man and its alumni companies want you! Across sales, marketing, corporate development, product development, operations, creative, engineering and happiness, we are looking for A1 talent to join our mission and add to our vision.

Do you need to inject some entrepreneurial DNA back into your corporation? If so, come and collaborate with E-Man.

read more › To build a better world, by establishing extraordinary technology companies generated by ourselves in collaboration with world-class entrepreneurs, and via the insertion of our entrepreneurial DNA into large corporate institutions. We are a venture studio, turning ideas into products into companies via our unique and proprietary business-creation process. We possess the entire product and development stack, backed by marketing, growth, finance and legal tools, to ensure your idea is set on fire.

read more › Turning ideas into products into companies with extraordinary founders. Our Activation process enables three chosen ideas per year to be turned into products inside E-Man Venture Labs, then developed into companies. We can take ideas all the way to institutional investment, helping to install world-class management teams and ensuring that the necessary resourcing and substance are in place to give those companies the best possible chance to soar after they migrate.

read more › E-Man's process is the beating heart of everything we do. Shaped, honed, iterated and evolved throughout the past 15 years, it is what makes E-Man unique and the reason E-Man and its alumni companies have enjoyed such unprecedented success in recent years. Before we swing our process into action on a new project, we must enact its most critical phase: Activation. E-Man's Activation process has been designed and developed to de-risk the possibility of companies not reaching Series A. Three factors must combine to activate E-Man's business creation process: idea, timing and team.

read more › Scream if you wanna go faster! E-Man's toolkit of business-creation experts ensures that your idea, passion or problem will be set on fire. Across our proprietary process, developed over the past 10 years, E-Man's ecosystem combines product and technology specialists with legal, financial and growth experts. We also introduce you to the founders, investors and advisors across our alumni companies who have done it before. Matt founded E-Man straight out of University at 21 and still vividly remembers the first day he spent working from his bedroom, building the first E-Man venture for 250 local Cambridge businesses.

read more › Each year, E-Man takes ten ideas which, through a tried and tested process, it drills down into three projects; it then builds those into companies that are perfectly set up for Series A funding. We always seek smart and ambitious founding investors, who can reap exceptional returns through investing in ideas and helping to fund the process of releasing them as fully functional companies. In the past three years, E-Man's founding investors have averaged seven-times returns on investments into E-Man alumni companies at ground zero, thanks to the successful launches of the likes of ZoomDoc, Doppels, Snatch, Do I Date, Behalf and Pocket High Street.

read more › No enterprise can exist for itself alone. It minsters to some great need, it performs some great service, not for itself, but for others; or failing therein, it ceases to be profitable and ceases to exist. Are you a Unity Developer looking to be a part of a cutting-edge mobile game development team? Would you like to be part of a high paced start-up the aims to test new boundaries in brand marketing through game design? Then continue reading! A Unity developer is needed to command the technical development from inception through to delivery for our games.

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