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Kypoth Systems You probably know that I.T. people do like an acronym, so Kypoth stands for "Knock Your Problem On The Head" and it's the name of my company that has been providing mobile PC support in the North Surrey area and fixing computer problems since 2001. I offer a visit-you service, so Kypoth comes to your home or office, eliminating the hassle of disconnecting your computer and taking it to a shop.

Available during normal hours to suit small business and commercial clients, appointments can also be booked at no extra charge in the evening or at the weekend for domestic and residential customers. Kypoth will maintain all aspects of your computer system, from desktop PCs to laptops and servers to printers, be it a hardware or software issue.

I fix Apple Macs too, and I guarantee I'm cheaper than the Genius Bar! Operating from Coulsdon, services include general PC troubleshooting and repair, virus removal, network security audits, website design, healthchecks, system rebuilds, the supply and setup of new systems including data and email transfer, backup solutions, performance upgrades, and just about anything else to do with your server, desktop, laptop or MacBook.

read more › After your service or product, your computers are probably the lifeblood of your business. If they're not working, more than likely your company isn't either. Any downtime is a risk, and you don't want to have to pay more than necessary to get back up and running as soon as possible. Kypoth comes to you, saving you time and effort, and I aim to reach you within 24 hours of your call, often less. I'm a small business too so I understand how critical it can be to get your problems sorted out quickly and conveniently.

read more › Your data is important. Could you do without it? Imagine losing your business contacts or the accounts you have been entering all year? Total hard disk failures are rare, but they do happen. What would you do if you suffered a burglary and your computers were taken, or a fire which destroyed your equipment? Even on a home computer, it can be devasting just losing your family, wedding or baby photos. All data is important and you should take steps to protect yourself from the worst case scenario.

read more › From accidently deleting a file to a complete computer crash, providing your hard disk is still functioning, most data is easy and cheap to recover. On the rare occasions that a hard disk has stopped working completely, it becomes a bit more challenging, but don't worry, there are things that can be done. If you have deleted a file when you weren't supposed to, you haven't really deleted it. The system just removes the entry in the file index, it doesn't actually erase the file so your data can be recovered with the correct utilities.

read more › You don't want to have to book a valuable day off to get someone to fix your computer if you work during the day (which face it, most of us do). You're also very unlikely to want to have to go through the hassle of unplugging your computer and taking up your Saturday morning with a trip into town or to PC World. Kypoth (which is me, Alex) will come to you, and evening or weekend appointments can be pre-booked to suit your timeframe. Most computer problems can be solved in under an hour, making it easy to fit in with your schedule.

read more › I often get asked "Do you do Macs?". Yes I do, they are just another computer at the end of the day. What I won't do, unlike some, is double my prices just because it's a Mac, I treat them just the same and in some cases they're actually cheaper to repair than PCs (not many though, the parts are very expensive!). I can help with the following scenarios and more. Do you suffer from the problem where your iPhone or iPad is running out of space because your iCloud photo storage is full up, bulging at the seams from the photos or music on your home Mac?

read more › Perhaps something heavy was put down on the lid or the laptop was dropped. Sometimes opening the lid unevenly can break the LCD. Can you see a black ink under the display? This unfortunately means your screen is cracked, but luckily they are easy and quick to replace, the most expensive cost will be the price of the part. The day wireless power is truly invented will be a good one. Until then, damaging the power plug on your laptop will continue to be common. If you have a broken DC jack or mangled socket and pin, don't worry, these can be repaired.

read more › I fix computers for a living. I like fixing all kinds of stuff and I hate it if something needs to be thrown away. That must be the hoarder in me (it's genetic, I'm afraid), but I claim it's better for the planet - remember, 'recycle' is the last one in the list; Reduce, Re-use, Recycle. The articles in this blog have been created when I couldn't easily find the information on the web. If you're not sure where to get started, the Posts page (in the tabs above) shows the most recent posts or there's a summary of the last 5 below.

read more › Kypoth Systems is just me, my name is Alex. I first started playing with computers when I was 11 after my dad bought an IBM XT with a 20Mb (yes, megabyte) hard disk. How did we fit anything on a 20Mb hard disk? These days, you get memory sticks by the gigabyte! Those were also the days before the world wide web, I remember using dial up modems connecting to a service called Prestel before the web took off. A lot has happened to IT in all those years :. I decided to pursue a career in The City after leaving school, and it took me a few years to realise computers were going to be my thing.

read more › This site has been written by me in HTML5, designed to be responsive using the Bootstrap framework. Sometimes I find various bits of pre-written code and below are all the various scripts, plugins, artwork and other stuff used in the creation of this website. I am grateful to you all. Thanks for an awesome little bit of script, I spent ages messing about before I found this.

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