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I set up Cult Studios to bring back the personal touch. Many website design and graphic design agencies employ large teams, where focus on the individual's needs is sometimes undervalued. Here at Cult Studios, website design and graphic design is very different. Let me take this opportunity to introduce myself. My name is Paul Sadgrove, and as a freelance designer with over ten years' experience, I know I can help you.

With expert knowledge of design, web and print, I will aim to get you the best results at the right price. After working with many companies around the Cambridge and Ely area of all shapes and sizes, I have adopted many tricks of the trade and have found a comfortable niche, creating dynamic websites and innovative design. I have also developed valuable rapports with my current clients and we continue to pursue long-term business relationships.

The driving force behind what I do is to work in parallel with my clients for the long-run; adopting their mission and vision, in order to move them into growth.

read more › We all know how important first impressions are, even if we don't like to admit it. Online and offline, your branding is the first point of call your clients see. With my graphic design skills, I can create anything that you want or need, and will make sure that your brand identity and message make you stand out from the competition.

read more › I will give you tips on how to push your online presence and get the best results at a reasonable price. There is no point spending money on a site if it's not helping to sell and promote your business. I will give you honest and reliable feedback on what is possible and what is not. If you have a website designer/developer say they can get you to the top of a search return for a search term like 'building contractor', they are most likely deceiving you unless they invest thousands into the project.

read more › Website content management system's are a great way for you to keep your site up-to-date at little cost. The system I use is very easy to navigate and I also supply a test site so you can try before you purchase, if you would like to do so. If you are currently using a website content management system and are unhappy and thinking of changing, please contact me and ask to try my test site at no cost. I supply a website content management system at an additional charge to any of my sites, please contact me for details.

read more › I use a fixed price-per-page costing and I allow for two revisions for each page. When nearing the time allocated, I will let you know so there are no surprises when invoiced. If you need advert work for the magazine, this is something I can help with. Also, I make sure adverts are signed off via email to stop any revenue loss. You can trust in me to get the job done on time and within budget; making sure your magazine is delivered to the printers, prepared to the highest standard. You need not worry as all will be taken care of.

read more › Branding is so often underestimated and can cost very little in the grand scheme of things. Making a great first impression is important; once this has happened, it can be nearly impossible to reverse. It's not just about a pretty logo - though this is very important - it is your whole business image. An engaging website, vehicle graphics, signage, stationery and uniform are all part of your branding presence. It is a deliberate message, an idea and connection to your clients. Your brand is a visual element of what your business represents.

read more › I like to be open and totally transparent on how I work. I do not own my own printing press but due to the volume of work I print, can get you the best rates. I always like to deal locally to be honest, but when it comes to printing, the rates are too high. For this reason, there is a six-day turnaround when the printing has been cleared. There are many online printers - some with very competitive prices. What I offer, is the confidence of great printing and great design, with the added bonus of inexpensive pricing.

read more › You can waste huge amounts of money in advertising if not targeted to the right areas or in context. Small or large, at some point, you will need to advertise, whether it's for increasing public awareness or just simply to expand your clientele. With eye-catching marketing, traditionally, less is more; you only have a few seconds to catch potential clients. No matter how amazing your company's product or service, if people do not see it, no-one will know about it. I can help create a cost-effective campaign, reaching the largest audience possible and attract new clients to your business.

read more › Creating a positive first impression helps pave the way to success. Communicating your message clearly is what your business deserves. Proofreading takes the worry out of making sure the words you use are clear and concise. If you are hazy about spelling, verb agreements, apostrophes and punctuation usage then having your copy proofread before it is published makes good business sense. Copy can be marked up from Word using the Track Changes editing tool or from PDF using the comments and other editing tools.

read more › I like to keep my prices simple, so charge by the hour at 25. I do not round this off to the nearest hour, I round this off to the minute. So if I work 10 minutes, you only get charged for 10 minutes. Most design agencies charge over 50 an hour, mainly due to having much larger overheads. The work I do allows for two revisions. When nearing the time allocated, I will let you know so there are no surprises when invoiced. Agreed additional work/changes will be charged on an hourly basis. I also give a FREE estimate before each job and I'm sure projects will cost a lot less then you expected.

read more › I contacted Paul Sadgrove to design my website for M Gipp Plumbing and Heating, upon meeting with Paul and explaining I wanted a professional but user friendly website he got straight to work with ideas and kept me informed on all progress from start to finish. Paul is very professional and I highly recommend his services. Cheers for a top job Paul. I am ecstatic with our new Bushey Festival Website and Paul Sadgrove is a designer I cannot recommend highly enough. He is professional, efficient, diligent and, most importantly, delivers.

read more › I have an extensive background in magazine design, first at MB Media where I worked on four publications a month, Drummer, Guitar Buyer, Motorcycle Racer and Music Trade News, producing all subsequent layout work along side Art Director Richard Page. Each magazine has a completely different style tailored towards its particular audience. Each publication was to be completed within one week with non-negotiable deadlines to be met. Working in this way has enabled me to refine the way I plan my work and while gaining valuable experience in a pressured environment.

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